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YAESU FTM-200DE Mobile 144-430MHz FM C4FM 50W + RX 108-999MHz GPS

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The FTM-200DE is a transceiver for the 144MHz and 430 MHz amateur radio bands, analog FM and digital C4FM with a power of 50W. The set covers in reception from 108MHz to 999.995MHz, with the VHF aviation band in AM (reception only).

The front panel of the FTM-200 DE is detachable and the unit supports Bluetooth with the optional BU-4 module and the SSM-BT10 headset or a commercial Bluetooth headset.

1104 memory channels can be programmed with 16 character alphanumeric names. The MAG (Memory Auto Grouping) feature automatically sorts memory channels into each band, ALL, AIR, VHF, UHF and OTHER.

The FTM200 supports WIRES-X Internet communication via the use of the optional HRI200 module or the optional SCU-40 cable kit.

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Advanced manual FTM200 (EN)

Yaesu FTM-200 user guide in English. 22.24M

Data sheet

  • 2-inch color display with removable front panel
  • Output power: 50W/25W/5W.
  • Frequency steps : 5/6.25 /8.33/10/12.5 /20/25/50/100khz
  • Speaker: 3 Watts
  • Reception : 108-137 MHz (aviation band in AM)
  • 137-174 MHz
  • 174-400 MHz
  • 400-480 MHz
  • Transmit: 144 - 146 MHz - 430-440 MHz
  • FM and C4FM mode with AMS (automatic mode selection)
  • GPS with 64 channels
  • APRS 1200/9600bps
  • 1104 memories
  • Voice recorder (Audio RX and TX)
  • Micro SD card up to 32 gigabytes
  • WiRES-X Portable with optional HRI-200
  • Optional Bluetooth with BU-4 unit
  • Antenna connector: SO-239 (UHF female)
  • Size 139 x 42 x 132 mm
  • Weight 1.1 kg
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    6,73 €

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    Reduced price!


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rating 4.5
rating 5
Yaesu FTM -200DE
Excellent poste VHF UHF analogique et numérique C4FM.
rating 5

Petit transceiver UHF/VHF facile à installer dans une voiture avec sa tête déportée
Attention, il n'y a qu'un RX en réception, mais facile à commuter en V/U avec le double VFO ou les 990 mémoires. Bien lire le manuel avec toutes les fonctions possibles

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    Yaesu CT-166 cloning cable compatible with FTM-400XDE/R, FTM-400DE/R, FTM-100DE/R, FTM-300DE/R, FTM-6000E/R mobile stations.

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    Yaesu CT-167 data cable with Mini DIN10 connectors to bare wire compatible with FTM-400XDE FTM-100, FTM-300, FTM-400 and FTM-6000E FTM-6000R stations.

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    19,17 €tax excl.

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  • Yaesu MEK-5 Microphone Extension Kit for FTM-400 FTM-6000 FT-8900

    Yaesu MEK-5 microphone extension kit compatible with Yaesu FTM-400, FT-8900 and FTM-6000 series, all E/R versions.

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    114,17 €tax excl.

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    Yaesu MLS-100 external speaker with a power of 12W compatible with the following Yaesu sets: FT-450D, FT-818ND, FT-8900R, FTM-3200DE, FT-891, FTM-3100E, FT-2980E, FTM -3207DE and the FTM-7250DE.

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  • Yaesu SCU-40 FTM-400XDE Connection Cable

    WiRES-X connection kit for portable digital node operation. The Yaesu SCU-40 cable is compatible with Yaesu FTM-400XDE stations.

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    Yaesu SCU-47 control cable with a length of 6 meters, compatible with the Yaesu FTM-300DE station.

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    31,67 €tax excl.

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    273,13 €tax excl.

    287,50 € -5%
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  • Yaesu FT5DE waterproof IP7 144 / 430Mhz C4FM FM Scanner 0.5-999MHz + Bluetooth G

    The new Yaesu FT5-DE (DE = European version) is a waterproof IPX7 dual-band VHF-UHF walkie-talkie for the 144/430 MHz amateur radio bands in transmit, analog FM and digital C4FM, Wires-X compatible

    407,50 € tax incl.

    407,50 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • Mobile Yaesu FTM-6000E 144 / 430MHz FM 50W Bluetooth (option) + RX 108-999MHz

    YAESU FTM-6000E mobile radio, 144 / 430MHz dual-band FM analog rover with detachable front panel, wideband receiver from 108 MHz to 999MHz, including reception of the aviation VHF AM band 108-137MHz

    245,83 € tax incl.

    245,83 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • Yaesu BU-4 Bluetooth Module for FTM-6000E & FTM-6000R

    The BU-4 module allows a Bluetooth headset to be connected to the transceiver for hands-free operation. Compatible with Yaesu FTM-6000E and FTM-6000R stations. This PCB is to be installed inside the

    37,42 € tax incl.

    37,42 €tax excl.

    In stock
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    DC 12V Yaesu power cable T9026115 (former T9022815), guaranteed to be compatible with all Yaesu mobile sets of the series: FTM-3100, FTM-3200, FTM-3207/7250, FTM-300, FTM-200, FTM-400, FTM-350,

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    220,88 €tax excl.

    232,50 € -5%
    In stock

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