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The Nano Hotspot is supplied assembled and tested before sending, it allows to have a digital access point MMDVM like: D-Star, DMR, C4FM, P25, NXDN & POCSAG for UHF 430-440Mhz amateur radio band.

Works with the Pi-Star software for Linux. This hotspot mmdvm is mounted ready to operate, it will remain to do the settings of the hotspot and software configuration.

The configuration of the pi-star software and the hotspot can be made from a web browser under Windows, Mac or Linux and does not require knowledge in Linux to be configured and used.

Comes complete with: 1 Nano hotspot PCB mmdvm with 433Mhz ceramic welded antenna, 1 3D printing box (blue or black), 1 fan, 1 NanoPi NEO 512M with WIFI, 1 USB cable, 1 2.4cm OLED screen and SD card 8GB with mounted pi-star image for Linux.

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Manual Nano Pi-Star (FR)

Configuration manual for mmdvm nano hotspot with Pi-Star, in French. 601.49k

Nano Hotspot file for PI-STAR

PRS MMDVM Nano Hotspot configuration file for Pi-Star. 8.78k

Manual Nano Hotspot PI-STAR (EN)

Configuration manual for mmdvm nano hotspot with Pi-Star, in english for Windows. 576.08k

Data sheet

The Nano hotspot works on the same principle and with the same software as those for the MMDVM_HS, MMDVM_HS_HAT, the Zumspot or the JumboSpot (unauthorized copy).

The Nano hostpost is a creation of the amateur radio BI7JTA and not a copy of the previously mentioned material.

You will find below a configuration file "ready to use" and where it remains to configure the callsign, CCS7, QTH and offset as indicated in the documentation.

By default with this file, the hotspot will connect to the DMR Brandmeister digital network and NL 2042 master BM server.

The programming of this hotspot is to be carried out by the user according to the digital network used. Passion Radio does not provide programming support, you must contact the administrator of the network used in the event of a problem with connections to their network.

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