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Mobile FM Mobile Anytone AT-588UV 144/430Mhz 0W Full Duplex cross-band View larger
Mobile FM Mobile Anytone AT-588UV 144/430Mhz 0W Full Duplex cross-band


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Mobile FM Anytone AT-5888UV 144/430MHz 50W/40W Full Duplex cross-band

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The Anytone AT-5888UV mobile radio covers the VHF 144-146 MHz band with 50W and the 430-440 MHz band with 40W maximum, with repeater function, cross-band transponder, full duplex mode, VOX function and reception of the VHF AM 118-136MHz aviation band.

Supplied complete with: 1 Anytone AT5888 UV, 1 microphone with DTMF keypad, 1 mounting bracket, 1 12VDC power cable, screws and fuse, English manual.

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Data sheet

  • TX:144-146MHz and 430-440MHz
  • RX:108-180MHz (AM/FM) / 144-146MHz (FM) /430-440MHz (FM)
  • 758 memories
  • Operating mode: full duplex UU, UV, VV or VU as repeater mode
  • Simultaneous dual reception
  • VHF power: 50W/25W/10W/5W UHF: 40W/25W/10W/5W
  • CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2 Tone/5 Tone encoding and decoding
  • FM channel frequency bandwidth: 12.5KHz FM narrow and 25KHz FM wide
  • VOX, Compander, Scrambler function
  • Frequency steps: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/15/20/25/50KHz
  • ANI function (DTMF/ANI, 5 tones/ANI) PTT ID
  • Antenna socket: SO-239 (UHF-female)
  • Weight: 1.14kg
  • 2-year warranty
  • CE RED and FCC Part 90 certified

Reminder: The use of any radio transmitting equipment, such as the Anytone AT5888UV, is subject to the following conditions by the user of the frequencies and legislation in force and requires a radio licence to be used legally.

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