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Source GPSDO clock reference 10 Mhz OCXO DX Patrol

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Source GPSDO clock reference 10 Mhz OCXO DX Patrol

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DX Patrol's GPSDO (GPS Disciplined Oscillator) is made up of a GPS receiver (U-Blox 7N) and a 10 Mhz OCXO oscillator with pure sine wave and very high stability (0.05ppb*), disciplined thanks to the signals GNSS, GPS, Galileo or Glonass satellites, in a metal case, powered from 8 to 15V and with 3 10Mhz outputs with SMA female connector and an output power of 7dBm (~ 5mW).

A GPS-DO is a device used to ensure stability and precision, especially in the field of microwave frequencies, which require high precision or for the maintenance, measurement and frequency setting of RF equipment, such as for example for amateur radio operation on satellite QO-100.

This GPSDO clock reference can also be used as a synchronization source, via satellite time signals, to provide positional accuracy, for navigation and GPS applications.

Comes with: 1 DX Patrol GPSDO, with GPS antenna and cable, without power supply (optional USB Ripcord 9V or 12V power cable), manual to download below (in English).

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Data sheet

Datasheet GPS-DO reference clock 10Mhz DXPatrol

GPSDO reference: 10,000,000 Hz
Compatible satellite receiver: GPS, Galileo and Glonass
3 outputs 10MHz 1.5vpp ~ 7dBm
50% duty cycle
Phase noise at 1 Hz -80dBc / Hz
Phase noise at 10 Hz -120dBc / Hz
Phase noise at 1 KHz -145dBc / Hz
Phase noise at 10 KHz - 150dBc / Hz
Second harmonic <51 dBs
Third harmonic <56 dBs
Start-up time: About 5 minutes
Operating temperature range: 0°C to 75°C
Operating temperature: 50°C (OCXO)
Supply voltage: 8V to 15V DC (power supply not included)
Power connector: Standard 5.5mm jack
Current consumption: 600mA on ignition, 270mA after OCXO locking (5 minutes)
GPS acquisition indication by LED (green LED = GPS signal and OCXO signal acquired, red LED awaiting acquisition
Dimensions: 84 x 71 x 25 mm

The U-Blox GPS receiver integrates a Flash memory programmed so that the synthesizer generates a frequency of 1000 PPS on its output.

Due to the very high jitter of the modules, signal sharpness is improved with a Schimtt trigger to achieve a clean square wave at 1 kHz.

This GPSDO is programmed in Hotstart mode. This means that even without an antenna connected, or a GPS signal received, the GPSDO will still have a fair and precise 10Mhz signal on its outputs.

Note that during normal operation of the OCXO oscillator, it takes approximately 5 minutes for it to reach its normal operating temperature of approximately 50°C. It is quite normal for the GPS-DO box to heat up during use.

* Stability depends on various factors including temperature change.

Short term stability 0,05 PPB/second
Temperature stability : 10 PPB
Stability under load: 2 PPB
Aging : 0,5PPB/day, 100PPB/year, 0,4 PPM 10years

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