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Whistler WS-1010 25-512MHz AM FM Handheld Scanner

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The Whistler WS-1010 handheld scanner has a 200 channel memory, 29 - 512 MHz coverage (non-continuous), one-touch service search and PC interface.

This scanner offers the convenience of a one-touch search for maritime, air and amateur radio frequencies.

Supplied with : 1 WS-1010 scanner, 1 antenna, 1 AC adapter, EU and UK plug, 1 battery holder, 1 rechargeable battery holder, 1 English user manual.

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Data sheet

29 - 50 MHz VHF-Lo
50 - 54 MHz 6-Meter HAM
108 - 136.99166 MHz VHF
137 - 143.9875 MHz
144 - 148 MHz 2-Meter HAM
148.0125 - 174 MHz VHF Hi
380 399.9875
400 - 420 MHz
420 - 450 MHz 70 cm HAM
450 - 512 MHz UHF-Lo

  • 200 channel memory in 10 separate storage banks
  • Backlit LCD display - easy to read and program data even in low light situations
  • Data cloning - allows programmed data to be transferred to another WS1010 scanner.
  • Flexible antenna with BNC Male connector, we recommend an external roof antenna to improve reception of distant or weak signals
  • Key lock
  • Lock function - allows you to skip specific channels or frequencies when scanning or searching
  • Memory backup - frequencies remain stored in memory for an extended period of time, even without batteries.
  • PC programmable - allows users to save data, update the database and program the scanner directly from a PC. (Third party software required, not included)
  • Priority Channel - allows the scanner to check one channel every two seconds during scanning.
  • Scan Delay - delays scanning for two seconds before switching to another channel to hear responses.
  • Service banks - easily locate call types by searching for pre-programmed frequencies in separate banks for marine, aviation and amateur radio.
  • Spectrum Scanner - Quickly scan the frequency ranges of the scanner for transmissions from nearby sources. Lock the frequencies found and continue searching in the same band.

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