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Super Discone Antenna 50-1500Mhz Diamond D-150 + cable

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Super Discone Diamond D-150 antenna, for fixed installation on a mast, allows to receive from 50 MHz to 1500 MHz and to transmit on 50/144/430/904 and 1200 MHz.

Length: 1.04m
Weight: 0.62 kg
Radian diameter: 58cm
Mast diameter accepted: 25mm to 50mm
Max Power: 50W FM (30W FM on 50Mhz)
Connector: UHF Female

Supplied with: 1 Diamond D150 original warranty antenna, 10m coaxial cable RG58/U with PL-259 connector (UHF male).

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Manual D-150 Diamond (EN)

User manual and datasheet in english Diamond Antenna D-150 1.11M

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    Reference: NAGOYA-BA6150-484

    Base Antenna 2m/70cm 1,2m Nagoya BA 6150

    Base antenna for fixed use on a mat, dual-band fiberglass antenna, Nagoya BA-6150, for amateur radio band 144 (2m) / 430Mhz (70cm). Can also operate in reception only, from 100 to 200Mhz and 400 to

    46,71 €

    49,17 €

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  • International Amateur Radio Symbol Sticker Passion Radio Stickers AUTOCOLLANT-HAM-PETIT-487
    0,42 €

    Reference: AUTOCOLLANT-HAM-S-487

    International Amateur Radio Symbol Sticker hamradio

    Sticker of the international amateur radio symbol (hamradio ) that represents an antenna connected to a solenoid then to the earth and shows the link in the radio between the Earth and the Air.

    0,42 €
  • Sticker symbol amateur geo satellite QO-100
    0,67 €

    Reference: AUTOCOLLANT-QO100-S-1546

    QO-100 / Es'Hail 2 hamradio satellite sticker (3 sizes sticker)

    Round pre-cut sticker, representing the 1st geostationary hamradio satellite QO-100 (Es'Hail 2) and available in 3 sizes: S and M and LWhite vinyl decal 3 sizes: S = diameter 8cm , M = diameter 15cm

    0,67 €
  • SMA Female UHF Adapter Passion Radio RF Cables & Adapters ADAPT-UHF-F-SMA-F-49
    4,35 € 4,58 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: ADAPT-UHF-F-SMA-F-49

    RF adapter UHF Female connector - SMA Female connector

    RF adapter, UHF female connector to SMA female connector, compatible with walkie-talkies, for example walkie-talkies Baofeng and Wouxun dual-band walkie-talkies. Professional quality with gold-plated

    4,35 €

    4,58 €

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    94,21 €tax excl.

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    94,21 €tax excl.

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    78,38 €tax excl.

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