Band cut filter FM 88-108 Mhz - Notch for SDR

Broadcast FM Band Cut filter by

This band-cut filter is design by, it blocks and reject broadcast FM band between 88 to 108 MHz with over 50dB of attenuation.

Insertion loss is less than 0.5 dB between 0-1 GHz, and less than 1.5 dB between 1-3 GHz.

A broadcast FM block filter help if you are near strong broadcasts signal in your area that overload the SDR dongle or device.

Come with : 1 filter Broadcast FM Band-Stop RTL-SDR and an adapter SMA-Male.

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This filter rejects signals between 88 – 108 MHz with around 50 dB or more attenuation. A broadcast FM band-stop filter is very useful for use with SDRs as in some areas broadcast FM signals can be so strong that they overload the SDR, causing very poor performance in other bands.

The filter is based on a classic 7th order Chebyshev design. The 3 dB roll off is at 76 MHz and 122 MHz. 88 MHz is attenuated by almost 60 dB, and 108 MHz is attenuated by nearly 50 dB.

Outside of the pass band the insertion loss is practically zero below 500 MHz, less than 0.5 dB from 500 MHz – 1 GHz, and below 1.5 dB between 1 GHz – 2 GHz.

Between 2 – 3 GHz performance degrades slightly, but insertion loss remains below 1.5 dB for most frequencies. The filter can also pass up to 80 mA of DC current and has negligible DC resistance.


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Gregor h

Filtre FM

Fonctionne a merveille, coupe vraiment la partie 88-108

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Broadcast FM Band Cut filter by

Broadcast FM Band Cut filter by

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