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Ham It Up Plus V2 Nooelec Up-Converter HF 0.3 to 65MHz for SDR View larger



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Ham It Up Plus V2 Nooelec UpConverter SDR HF 0.3 to 65MHz with TCXO & box

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RF converter (ULF/VLF/LF/MF/HF) for HF frequencies from 0.3 to 65 MHz and SDR (Software Defined Radio) devices such as NESDR keys, RTL-SDR, HackRF, or any VHF or SDR receiver covering the 125MHz to 190MHz band.

The Ham It Up Plus V2 is fitted as standard and mounted in a robust black aluminium case.

It can also be used as a pan-adaptor with transceivers offering an IF output below 65MHz.

The Ham it up upconverter can also be used as a transmitter with a maximum input power of 5mW.

Supplied with an SMA male to SMA male adapter and an SMA male to BNC female adapter.

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Data sheet

Main changes Ham It Up Plus V2

  • 125MHz TCXO filter (0.5PPM), made in Japan for NooElec, included and pre-installed
  • Very low distortion ceramic capacitors, extending the coverage of the Ham It Up Plus up to 300Hz
  • Separate, fully assembled noise source circuit for use in RF calibration projects and tuning of filters, amplifiers and attenuators
  • Additional SMA connector for noise source circuitry
  • Input, output and LO filters configured for substantial improvements in sensitivity and selectivity
  • Ultra-low noise linear power regulator (LP5907), with voltage noise below 10 µVRMS
  • Optional battery operation with AAA battery holder sold separately or customised solution
  • New side-mounted LED indicators, (Green = upconvert mode enabled; Yellow = USB power; Red = low voltage)
  • u.FL (IPX and UMCC) socket available for injection of clock reference from external source
  • 5 additional u.FL socket mounting indentations for simplified testing, troubleshooting and demonstrations
  • Additional mounting holes to facilitate custom installations
  • Robust right-angle SMA connectors to improve spacing tolerances
  • Ham it Up 1.3 & 1.3+ Converter HF 0.5-50Mhz Nooelec Nooelec SDR receivers NOOELEC-100555-HAM-IT-UP-44
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    Reference: NOOELEC-100555-HAM-IT-UP-44

    Ham it Up 1.3 & 1.3+ Converter HF 0.5-50Mhz Nooelec

    Nooelec's Ham It Up v1.3 is an up-converter HF, equipped with the 125Mhz filter soldered on the PCB and allows to listen to all MF / HF bands from 0.5 to 50 Mhz, in all modes of modulation, from a

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    54,17 €

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    The LNA HF from F1OPA is a pre-amplifier and a low-pass filter (LNA), very powerful (+18dB to +20dB), with SMA Female connectors, for HF frequencies and short waves from 500 kHz to 30 MHz, with

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  • Aluminium case for Nooelec Ham It Up HF converter Nooelec SDR accessory NOO-100672-BOITIER-BLEU13-3153
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    Reference: NOO-100672-BOITIER-BLEU13-3153

    Aluminium case for Nooelec Ham It Up HF converter

    Provides an effective protection against impact and parasites for your converter HF SDR Ham It Up and also gives it a nice looking. The enclosure is made of aluminum and laser engraved, with 2

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  • Dongle V3 TCXO + SMA + Bias-T RTL-SDR stick CLE-RTLSDR-V3-472
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    Reference: CLE-RTLSDR-V3-472

    Dongle V3 TCXO + SMA + Bias-T USB stick with R860 tuner

    This USB stick is the optimized V3 version of, with the R860 tuner chip (exactly the same as R820T2*) for reception from 24 to 1766 MHz. The characteristics of the dongle v3:-

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    37,42 €

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