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Ham It Up Nano 100kHz-65MHz HF Upconverter with TCXO Bias-Tee power supply unit

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The Ham It Up Nano is an HF upconverter that lets you extend the range of your favourite SDR or radio to at least 100kHz. It is compatible with any radio capable of operating on 125MHz-190MHz (to use its full 100kHz-65MHz frequency range). It is factory-installed in a heavy-duty black aluminium case.

Supplied with a male SMA to male SMA connector and a microUSB to DC adapter.

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It's important to note that the ESD protection diode on some SDRs would be triggered by the Ham It Up Nano when powered externally via USB. You can still use the Ham It Up with these SDRs, of course, but you will need to install a DC block between the converter and the SDR. This can be as simple as a high-quality, low-distortion capacitor in series with the RF path, if you prefer a DIY solution. We also sell a high-quality SMA DC block if you want a plug-and-play solution.

Key features:

  • Small and lightweight module - only 2.0" x 1.2" x 0.75" (50 x 30 x 18mm) and 1.6oz (45g)!
  • 3 different power options: bias-tee, microUSB and DC barrel connector
  • Contains an internal 125MHz low phase noise TCXO with 1PPM accuracy for improved sensitivity (away from high traffic RF areas, such as FM broadcasting)
  • Double shielding against external RF interference (EMI) thanks to external aluminium housing and additional internal EMI shielding.
  • Maximum input level of +1dBm
  • Contains 3 filters (input, output and LO) configured with very high quality components for excellent sensitivity and selectivity.
  • ESD protection on RF input and output to protect your Ham It Up & SDR from parasitic static discharges.
  • Reverse voltage and short circuit protection on the USB power input to protect your Ham It Up from accidental damage.
  • Ultra-low noise linear power regulator with voltage noise below 10 µVRMS!
  • Side-mounted LED power indicator
  • Robust 50 ohm right angle SMA connectors used for input and output
  • High quality printed circuit board with ENIG finish

How it works:

  • Connect your HF antenna to the RF input.
  • Connect your SDR or radio to the IF output.
  • Power the Ham It Up Nano via a bias cable, microUSB or the DC connector (centre positive, 4-5.5VDC).
  • Launch your favourite SDR software. Tune to 125MHz + your desired frequency (or set the software frequency offset to 125MHz and tune directly)


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