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VHF-UHF Abbree Tactical Foldable Antenna for Baofeng Anytone Yaesu

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This foldable tactical antenna for VHF 144Mhz and UHF 430Mhz bands is available with a female SMA or SMA male connector and in 4 different sizes: 33cm, 48cm, 88cm and 108cm.

Military antenna type, it can be easily stored out of use and robust design for outdoor radio activities and long distance communication.

The Abbree tactical antenna is compatible with the majority of Baofeng, Anytone and Yaesu brand walkie-talkies.

Delivered with: 1 genuine Abbree AR-152A antenna, SMA male or female and size to choose below: 33cm, 48cm, 88cm or 108cm.

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  • SMA Male
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  • 48cm
  • 88cm
  • 108cm
  • 33cm

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ABBREE Tactical Antenna Specifications

Frequencies: 144Mhz / 430Mhz (centered on 145Mhz and 435Mhz)
Length: 33cm, 48cm, 88cm or 108cm
Gain: 2dBi (33cm), 2.15dBi (48cm), 3.4dBi (88cm), 5dBi (108cm)
Power: 20W
Antenna connector: SMA female
Impedance: 50ohm
Weight: 75g (3cm), 90g (48cm), 120g (88cm), 140g (108cm)
2 years warranty
Antenna compatible with walkie-talkie models:

BAOFENG: BF-888S, UV-5R, UV-5RA, UV-5RC, UV-5RE, UV-5R8W, UV-5RE8W, UV-5RTP, UV-8HX, UV-82, UV-82HP, UV-82HX, UV-82, A-52 Plus, DM-5R (> V2)
Quansheng: TG-UV2 Plus, UV-R50
ICOM with SMA male
KENWOOD with SMA male

This antenna is not compatible with Baofeng UV-9R, UV-82WP, UV-XR Plus, GT-3WP, UV-5RWP and watertight models.

Antenna in SMA male version compatible with walkie-talkie models:

TYT: MD-380 MD-390 MD-2017
Wouxun KG-UV8D and Plus, KG-UV9D and Plus
Yaesu VX-6R VX-7R
Radioddity: GD-77
Retevis RT3S


Jerome on 2020-06-22

Peut-on utiliser en émission le modèle 108cms une fois pliée ?


Ces antennes tactiques ne peuvent être utilisées en émission qu'une fois entièrement dépliée.

En réception l'utilisation est possible mais les performances seront très dégradées.

karl on 2020-06-18

J'ai un Baofeng GT-3TP et j'aimerai avoir votre avis sur les antennes Diamond SRH 805S et l'antenne tactique pliable VHF-UHF de chez Abbree, est-elle compatible avec mon GT-3TP ?


En matière d'antenne, ce qui compte c'est la taille, plus l'antenne est grande plus elle peut émettre et recevoir loin.

A l'inverse plus l'antenne est petite, moins elle peut recevoir les signaux faibles.

Sans hésitez nous recommandons l'antenne Abbree et la plus grande possible selon votre utilisation.

Dave on 2020-06-16

Can you tell me the correct antenna for BaoFeng UV-82HP ?


For Baofeng you need the SMA female version of the tactical antenna. About the size to choose, it mainly depend of the condition of use.

If length is not a problem we recommend taking the larger antenna for best performance, but it will not be the most convenient to use.

Matthew  on 2020-04-24

What size antenna is needed for the Anytone AT-D878UV?


To increase the performance in reception and transmission, you must increase the size of the antenna, depending on what it is compatible with your use. Bigger is better.

About the antenna connector for Anytone, you need to choose an antenna with SMA female connector to be compatible within.

Marc on 2020-04-23

How far can a 33 inch tactical antenna transmit and recieve?


It can range from a few hundred meters to several kilometers, or even several tens of kilometers. This is especially relevant to the context of use, indoor / outdoor, in direct line of sight or with obstacles.

Krzysztof on 2020-04-20

I want 108cm model and I am just wondering about the antenna. I bought one already on ebay and it is fake. Is yours original? Where they come from if I can ask? What is in the package and what is the package colour?


There are indeed many counterfeits of this antenna on the low-cost market. From our side, we supply our products directly from the abbree factory in China, without any intermediaries.

The packaging of our Abbree antennas is green and guaranteed 100% full and genuine:

Christophe on 2020-04-10

Cette antenne est elle compatible avec le Baofeng uv-5plus ? Est-ce la connectique male ou femelle ?


L'antenne tactique Abbree en version SMA femelle est bien compatible avec le Baofeng UV-5R Plus.

Jean on 2020-04-08

Quelle antenne recommandez vous pour améliorer la réception sur un Baofeng UV-9R plus ? Une Abbree tactique ?


L'antenne tactique Abbree n'est pas compatible avec le Baofeng UV-9R.

Pour l'UV9R nous recommandons l'antenne Diamond SRJ77CA ou Nagoya NA-771, à prendre avec connecteur SMA femelle.


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