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Handheld Hytera PD375 UHF DMR & FM

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The portable Hytera PD375 is an analogue FM and digital DMR radio pocket, running on the UHF band 430-480 MHz, with a maximum power of 3W. Compatible DMR Tier II and water-resistant (IP54).

The PD375 is charged by micro-USB cable via adapter or a computer and programmed from a PC using the USB programming cable optional.

Comes complete with: PD375, Li-ion 2000mAh battery, adapter 220v sector (micro USB), belt clip and transport strap, user manual (in English).

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Data sheet

Hytera PD365 features

- Analogue and digital walkie talkie UHF
- RX and TX frequency: 430-480 Mhz
- Power: 1.5W and 3W
- Compatible DMR Tier II
- Non-detachable Integrated antenna
- Backlit LCD
- 4 programmable keys
- Functions individual call, group call or general call on digital channels
- 256 channels, analog channels and 128 digital channels 128
- Battery: Li-ion 2000mAh
- Battery life: 10 hours in analog and 12 hours in digital
- Classic analogue squelch and squelch
- CTCSS, DCS for analog channels
- Scan function of analog and digital channels
- Messaging SMS programmed with up to 10 texts of 64 characters
- Protection against water and dust (IP54)
- Protection against shock and vibration (MIL-STD-810 C / D / E / F / G)
- Size: 140 x 54 x 23 mm
- Weight 165g
- CE and FCC Standards
- 2 years warranty

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