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POTY dual band feed antenna 2.4 Ghz & 10 Ghz for QO100

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The POTY / Patch of the Year is a 2.4/10 Ghz dual-band patch antenna, circular polarized 2400 MHz TX and linear horn antenna 10500 MHz RX with dielectric lens (new cylindrical version for offset dish f/D 0.6) and QO-100 satellite / Es'hail2. Maximum power 100W with SMA connector and 500W with N plug.

Available in 2 versions:
In kit to assemble (see documentation below) or already assembled and tested version.

Design: G0MJW, PA3FYM and M0EYT
Manufacturing: PE1CKK
Assembly and adjustment: F4EGG

Optionally available: 40/22mm reduction ring for mounting on LNB support and High-Performance lens.

Delivered with: 1 dielectric lens (new cylindrical version), 1 correction plate, 1 reflector, 1 SMA female SMA connector, 2 M2.5 screws and 1 waveguide.

Comes without LNB PLL head (optional below), compatible models: Avenger, Inverto, RemoteQTH, DX Patrol and Octagon.

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  • In kit to assemble
  • Assembled and tested


POTY antenna doc

Documentation of dual band antenna for QO-100 Es'Hail2 1.81M

POTY assembly manual (FR)

In french. 180.42k

POTY antenna VNA

VNA measurement of the POTY antenna 2.4Ghz uplink by F4ASS 15.57k

Radiation pattern POTY

Radiation pattern, aperture angle of the POTY antenna. 345.67k

Assembly instructions POTY (FR)

POTY antenna mounting manual for the Oscar 100 satellite (QO-100) by F4EGG. 1.55M

Data sheet

Mounting POTY by F4EGG

LNB assembly on the POTY antenna

The quickest and easiest way to mount the POTY antenna on the LNB is to drill a 22mm hole in the plastic cap in front of the LNB and push the POTY waveguide inside.

drill lnb poty 2.4Ghz 10Ghz

For a good insertion of the waveguide in the LNB, we recommend according to the LNB model, to weld a reducer 22/16mm in copper, at the end of the tube of the POTY to come to wedge in the bottom of the waveguide.

With silicone sealant, the LNB head will be fixed and waterproof at the cap.

The mounting on the support of the dish is to be done just before the reflective patch, via the tube of the POTY and not via the LNB. A 40/22mm reduction ring is recommended for the proper support of the POTY by the LNB arm.

assembling poty lnb 22mm

N Connector usage

It is possible to replace the supplied SMA connector with an N-type connector.

There are 2 additional holes on the reflector plate to fit a female N-type connector with a flat base (the model of connector N which we have in shop is not suitable for mounting on the antenna patch):

The connector is fixed with M2.5 screws. The insulation of the connector must be shortened to 4 mm:

Lens assembly

It may happen that insertion of the lens into the tube can be difficult because some lenses may have a slightly larger diameter or if the tube have a tolerance on the lower side.

The manufacturer recommends in this case to place the lens in the freezer for 1 hour to facilitate insertion.

New lens version

A new version of the lens is available and for better performance on a 60cm dish antenna.

lens poty antenna patch 2.4 ghz 10 ghz

SWR measurement by F4EGG

POTY antenna SWR curve on 2.4 Ghz and measured with the Nanovna V2 SAA2N, at Thierry F4EGG station.


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rating 5
High Quality
Manufactured to a high quality. Even though I have a good workshop with lathe, milling machine , pillar drill etc. I could have made my own. However considering each machine would need setting up and total time required. It wasn't worth it. Its all done for you and fits together perfectly with no errors. Very quick to assemble and Great Value for money.
rating 5
Test de la POTY
J'ai passé cette antenne à l’analyseur d'antenne N1201SA qui monte a 2.7ghz - j'ai assemblé l'antenne en respectant bien la notice d'assemblage. Résultat sur 2.4ghz ROS de 1.8 ce qui est bon elle allume une parabole de 120cms - Je recommande personnellement la POTY je recommande sans publicité l'analyseur N1201SA et il y a sur YouTube un tuto en Français bien explicatif - je vais monter une antenne hélice et cet appareil et indispensable pour voir ou on est et régler l'aérien sur le 2.4 Ghz. 73

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