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Right-angle micro-USB OTG cable for Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 and RTL-SDR

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USB OTG micro-USB adapter cable compatible with Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy S2 / S3 / S4 / S5, Nokia N900 / N810, and all other devices equipped with a Micro-USB connector and with the "USB mode Host" function available and activated on the Android smartphone or tablet used.

- Micro-USB B male to USB A female connector
- DATA synchronisation and USB power cable
- Universal compatibility with micro-USB and USB
- Angled for more convenient use of the connected device

Allows connection of most USB peripherals such as: external hard disk, mouse, keyboard and of course an RTL-SDR USB key with R820T2 to use a smartphone or tablet as a broadband scanner with the android application SDR Touch available in the Google Play Store, free of charge and premium (SDR Touch Key)

This USB OTG cable is also compatible with the SDRPlay and theRTL-SDR Smart Nooelec key and the RTLSDR key with E4000 tuner.

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