BLADERF x40 RX & TX 300-3800 Mhz Nuand SDR transceivers NUAND-BLADERF-x40-477 View larger
BLADERF x40 RX & TX 300-3800 Mhz Nuand SDR transceivers NUAND-BLADERF-x40-477



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BLADERF x40 RX & TX 300-3800 Mhz

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The bladeRF x40 from Nuand is a SDR transceiver full-duplex from 300 MHz to 3.8 GHz, all analog and digital modes, with appropriate software. 2 connectors antenna SMA female, Altera Cyclone IV FPGA.

The BladeRF x40 can display up to 40 MHz of radio spectrum on the screen with a 12-bit sampling.

Run on Linux with the open-source software GNUradio.

Board bladeRF x40 (40KLE Cyclone 4 FPGA), USB 3.0 cable SS, 2 SMA cable.

Compatible antennas in option: Diamond SRH-789 and ANT500.

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BladeRF Specifications

Technical specifications Nuand BladeRF 419.15k

Data sheet

Specifications Nuand BladeRF x40

    Fully bus-powered USB 3.0
    Gold plated RF SMA connectors
    300MHz - 3.8GHz RF frequency range
    Independent RX/TX 12-bit 40MSPS quadrature sampling
    Full-duplex 40MSPS 12bit quadrature sampling
    Capable of achieving full-duplex 28MHz channels
    Removable-cap RF shields for increased system sensitivity and isolation
    Flexible clocking architecture for arbitrary sample rates
    GPIO expansion port ( GPIO Expansion Board )
    SPI flash allows for headless operation
    Expanded frequency coverage using XB-200 Transverter Board
    Typical +6dBm TX power
    16-bit DAC factory calibrated 38.4MHz +/-1ppm VCTCXO
    On-board 200MHz ARM9 with 512KB embedded SRAM (JTAG port available)
    On-board 40KLE Altera Cyclone 4 E FPGA (JTAG port available)
    2x2 MIMO configurable with SMB cable, expandable up to 4x4
    DC power jack for running headless
    Highly efficient, low noise power architecture
    Stable Linux, Windows, Mac and GNURadio software support

You will find support and help at Nuand Support.

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