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PortaPack H1 Havoc for HackRF One by ShareBrained

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The PortaPack, developp by ShareBrained, is the perfect complement for the HackRF One, it adds a touch screen, navigation buttons, a headphone jack, a real-time clock and a micro SD card reader.

Paired with an external USB battery and you are ready to explore the radio spectrum wherever you are, without the need for a computer. New: Integrates a TCXO 2.5PPM for the clock.

The PortaPack firmware is available as well as the Havoc firmware which provides ready-to-use radio functions and it is possible to develop its own firmware.

A custom anodized aluminum case is included and we recommend the board-only version of HackRF One.

The HackRF will still be able to work with any computer-based SDR software, by putting the PortaPack H1 into "HackRF Mode".

Delivered with: 1 PortaPack H1 card, 1 aluminum case, 1 set of screws, 1 mediator. HackRF One and antenna not included.

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Data sheet

How to Open a HackRF One Case

How to stack PortaPack into HackRF One



How to assemble aluminium case Portapack

PortaPack H1 Firmware 20160222

The PortaPack H1 is open-source (hardware and firmware). The files are published on GitHub.

Firmware Havoc on Github

The Havoc firmware (available on Github) is a fork of the original PortaPack firmware, it keep all functions by adding the following features:

    IQ file replay
    Microphone FM transmit with CTCSS
    CTCSS decoder
    Frequency manager (save & load from SD card, with categories and notes)
    File manager
    "Soundboard" wave file player (put 8-bit mono files in SD card /wav directory)
    ADS-B receiver with map view
    ADS-B transmitter
    SSTV transmitter
    Fully configurable jammer
    POCSAG transmitter
    POCSAG receiver/decoder
    Morse transmitter (FM tone and CW)
    OOK transmitter for common remote encoders
    RDS (Radio Data System) PSN, RadioText and Time groups transmitter
    Meteorological radiosonde receiver for M10 and M2K2
    AFSK receiver
    AFSK transmitter
    Nuoptix DTMF sync transmitter
    TouchTunes jukebox universal remote (by Notpike)
    LCR (Language de Commande Routier) message generator
    Street lighting control transmitter (CCIR tones)
    "Play Dead" in case of emergency
    Fully configurable RF signal generator
    RSSI audio output as pitch (for direction finding)

The Portapack is compatible with the use of the HackRF One shield kit from Nooelec.

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