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TYT MD-2017 Dual-Band VHF+UHF FM+DMR

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The new TYT MD-2017 new version handheld is one of the first dual-band VHF and UHF, for analog FM and digital DMR mode, compatible Tier 1 & 2, TDMA (2 TimeSlot), Motorbro, Hytera.

Waterproof (IP67 standard), large backlit color LCD display, keypad, 2200mAh high capacity battery, 3000 channels, 100 000 contacts by firmware upgrade, CTCSS, DTMF, VOX, GPS in option.

Multipin connector (specific to MD2017) for external microphone / earpiece and plug in programming cable. SMA female antenna connector. The MD-380 and MD-390 programming cable is not compatible with the MD-2017.

New: With the latest firmware, trackball button disable, up to 100 000 contacts, and adding up to 4 different DMR IDs, from the keyboard.

Comes complete with: 1 TYT MD-2017 V2 dualband (with or without GPS to choose below), 1 desktop charger 120V-240V (EU socket), 1 waterproof battery (Li-ion 7.2V 2200mAh), 1 dual band VHF/UHF antenna, 1 belt clip, manual in English. 2 year warranty and programming cable included.

This radio is sold non-programmed, neither in frequencies and without codeplug. Programming is to be done by the user. Passion Radio no longer provides support for amateur radio DMR programming given too many DMR networks which some are incompatible with each other. It is the responsibility of the administrators of the DMR networks to provide ready-to-use codeplugs for the users of their networks.

This equipment has not been manufactured by TYT since 2022.

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This material is no longer available

  • With GPS
  • Without GPS


CPS Software MD-2017 1.30

Official TYT codeplug programming software (CPS) for MD-2017 v1.30 with firmware 4.15 and 4.17. March 2020. 9.18M

Codeplug OPEN-DMR MD-2017

Codeplug OPEN-DMR (FR) with 200 channels for TYT MD-2017. 63.3k

Manual MD-2017 (FR)

TYT MD-2017 DMR Brandmeister User Manual with OPEN-DMR Codeplug 234.67k

Data sheet

Functions TYT MD-2017

- UHF and VHF (dual-band)
- Compatible with Hytera equipment & Motorola MOTOTRBO Tier1 and Tier2
- Transmission power 5W and 1 watt
- Waterproof IP67
- Large color display
- 2200mAh Li-ion battery
- LCD display with backlight
- Digital voice recorder from 8h max
- Text Messaging
- 3000 programmable channels
- Firmware upgradeable via USB cable
- TOT, Scan, VOX
- Version with and without GPS

2 years warranty by Passion Radio Shop and CE, FCC standards.

Technical Specifications MD2017

- Power: 5 watts max / 1 watt mini
- Vocoder: AMBE+2
- Frequency: 400Mhz to 480Mhz UHF and VHF 136-174MHz
- Digital Modulation 4FSK 12.5kHz
- ETSI Tier 1 and Tier 2
- Frequency stability: + -1.0 PPM
- FM Mode wide and narrow: 12.5 and 25 kHz
- Antenna Impedance: 50Ω
- Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ + 60°C
- Speaker audio power: 1W
- Connectors Antenna: SMA Female
- Dimension: 131mm x 61mm x 36mm
- Weight: 298g

CPS software TYT

If you have any exotic characters with the CPS software TYT, choose English language in the menu as shown below:

cps software tyt tytera md390 v1.36

Reminder: The use of handheld dual-band TYT MD-2017 requires a radio license and is subject to the respect, by the user, of the frequencies and the local legislation.

This radio is sold non-programmed, neither in frequencies and without codeplug. Programming is to be done by the user.

Passion Radio no longer provides support for amateur radio DMR programming given too many DMR networks which some are incompatible with each other.

It is the responsibility of the administrators of the DMR networks to provide ready-to-use codeplugs for the users of their networks.

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rating 4
sympathique DMR
livraison rapide, très bon matériel plutôt intuitif même pour un débutant . dommage que le câble de programmation, normalement fourni avec la radio, ne m'ai pas été envoyé....
rating 5
Bonne impression a l'ouverture de l'emballage. Attention à la mise sous tension, on ne peut pas trafiquer car TOUT doit être programmé.......Donc patience et longueur de temps pour lire les documentations. Ce n'est pas une critique car j'avais été prévenu par un OM qui est déjà équipé DMR. Comme l'a indiqué un des commentaires, une programmation de base (liste des relais VHF analogiques par exemple) moyennant une participation serait la bien venue. 73 Alain
rating 5
Bel outil, c'est sûr !
Bon produit et bon revendeur. Connecteur multibroches désagréable. Batterie de capacité trop faible : je recommande chaudement le Battery saver pour laisser le TRX allumé en continu. Il est souhaitable que le revendeur propose un forfait d'installation de quelques TG et d'un relais dans la zone du client car plein d'OM n'y parviennent avec le logiciel. Prudence avec les mises à jour de firmware et CPS/Code plug (on vous aura prévenus !).
rating 5
Elle fait le boulot

Bonne radio que je viens d'acquérir. Simple d'utilisation bonne qualité sonore, idéale pour commencer en DMR. On apprécie le bi-bande analogique/numérique. Bon prix livré dans les temps et câble de prog inclus. Je recommande le produit ainsi que le marchand.

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