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YAESU FT-60E VHF-UHF 2m/70cm FM + scanner + Air Band

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The Yaesu FT-60E is a solid, compact, dual-band VHF-UHF and 144/430 MHz 5-watt, handheld with a wideband scanner and AM band aviation from 118 to 136MHz (reception only).

Covers in reception:
- 137 to 520 MHz (AM / FM)
- 700 to 999 MHz (FM, GSM band locked)

Covers in transmission:
- Europe version: 144-146Mhz and 430-440Mhz
- Export version: 137-174Mhz and 420-470Mhz

- Step: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 KHz
- Backlit LCD display and keypad
- Battery of 1400 mAh (FNB-83)
- Antenna connector in female SMA
- Encoder, CTCSS decoder and DCS
- 1000 memories
- 2 year warranty Yaesu

Comes with: Yaesu FT-60-E Walkie Talkie, FNB-83 battery, dual band antenna, charger, belt clip, user manual in French. (The FT-60E version is the equivalent for the European FT-60R market).

This material is no longer manufactured by Yaesu and replaced by the Yaesu FT-70.

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This material is no longer available


Brochure FT-60

Doc Yaesu FT-60R / E 265.98k

Data sheet

Technical specification FT-60E

Frequency Ranges: RX 108-137 MHz (Air Band)
137-520 MHz (AM / FM)
(Cellular phone Blocked)
700-999 MHz (FM)
(Cellular phone Blocked)
TX 144-148 MHz
430-450 MHz

Channel Steps : 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 kHz
Frequency Stability :  ±5 ppm(–10° C to +60° C, +14° F to +140° F)
Repeater Shift: ±600 kHz (144 MHz)
±1.6 / 5.0 / 7.6 MHz (430 MHz)
Emission Type: F2 , F3
Antenna Impedance : 50 Ω
Supply Voltage: Nominal: 7.2 V DC, Negative Ground
Operating: 6.0~16 V, Negative Ground(EXT DC JACK)
11~16 V, Negative Ground(EXT DC JACK with Charging)
Current Consumption : 125 mA (Receive)
45 mA (Standby, Saver Off) VHF

47 mA (Standby, Saver Off) UHF
19 mA (Standby, Saver On)
0.8 mA(Auto Power Off)
1.3 A (5 W Tx , 144 MHz) 7.2 V DC
1.5 A (5 W Tx , 430 MHz) 7.2 V DC

RF Power Output : High 5 W (@ 7.2 V FNB-83)
Mid 2 W (@ 7.2 V FNB-83)
Low 0.5 W (@ 7.2 V FNB-83)
Modulation Type: Variable Reactance F2 , F3
Maximum Deviation: ±5 kHz F2 , F3
Spurious Emission: At least 60 dB below (High & Mid)
At least 40 dB below (Low)
Microphone Impedance : 2 kΩ

Circuit Type: Double-Conversion Super heterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies: 1st: 47.25 MHz
2nd: 450 KHz
Sensitivity: 0.8 µV TYP for 10 dB SN (108-137 MHz, AM)
0.2  µ V for 12 dB SINAD (137-140 MHz, NFM)
0.16  µ V for 12 dB SINAD (140-150 MHz, NFM)
0.2  µ V TYP for 12 dB SINAD (150-174 MHz, NFM)
0.3  µ V TYP for 12 dB SINAD (174-300 MHz, NFM)
0.8  µ V TYP for 12 dB SINAD (300-336 MHz, NFM)
0.25  µ V TYP for 12 dB SINAD (336-420 MHz, NFM)
0.2  µ V for 12 dB SINAD (420-470 MHz, NFM)
0.25  µ V TYP for 12 dB SINAD (470-520 MHz, NFM)
0.5  µ V TYP for 12 dB SINAD (800-900 MHz, NFM)
0.8  µ V TYP for 12 dB SINAD (900-999.99 MHz, NFM)
Cellular Blocked
Selectivity: NFM, AM 12 KHz / 35 KHz(–6 dB / –60 dB)
AF Output: 400 mW @ 8 Ω for 10 % THD (@ 7.5 V)

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