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TinySA Spectrum Analyzer 100 Khz to 960 Mhz + RF signal generator

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The tinySA is a mini portable spectrum analyzer, for the MF/HF/VHF bands from 100 KHz to 350 MHz and the UHF band from 240 MHz to 960 MHz in degraded mode.

It has a switchable 2.6 kHz and 640 kHz bandpass filter, a 2.8 inch color screen displaying 290 scan points, a built-in attenuator adjustable from 0 dB to -31dB, Built-in 500mAh battery, auto calibration function and RF signal generator with 0.1MHz and 350MHz sine output and 240-960Mhz square wave generator.

Update via firmware to add new features. The tinySA can be connected to a PC via the USB port and then becomes a PC controlled spectrum analyzer with a Windows software (linux also available).

On first use, the screen must be calibrated using the TOUCH CAL function.

Comes with: 1 TinySA (official Hugen version), 1 USB Type-C power cable, 2 SMA Male RG174 20cm cables, 1 SMA female - SMA female adapter.

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Data sheet

Hugen TinySA datasheet

Display: 2.8 inch (7.1cm) 320*240 TFT
USB interface: USB type-C
Power supply: USB 5V 120mA
Battery included: 400mAh
Jog control
USB serial port control
Screen resolution of 51, 101, 145 or 290 measurement points
Scan speed over 1000 dots / second maximum
Automatic optimization of actual scan points
Filters manually selectable from 3, 10, 30, 100, 300, 600 kHz or automatic selection of one of the 57 resolution filters
Optional TTL USART port
Dimensions: 85.5 x 54 x 11mm
2 years warranty

Documentation, datasheet, software, firmware and wiki available from : https://www.tinysa.org/wiki/

Low input spectrum analyzer mode (SMA 1)

Input frequency range 100 kHz to 350 MHz
Dynamic range / sensitivity of 70 dB
Input impedance 50 ohms when input attenuation is set to 10 dB or more
Manual and automatic input attenuation selectable between 0dB and 31dB in 1dB steps
Absolute maximum input level of + 10dBm with internal attenuation of 0dB
Absolute maximum input power +20 dBm with internal 30 dB attenuation and very short measurement time
Maximum input power of +5 dBm with internal attenuation in automatic mode
For best measurements, maintain an input power below -25dBm
Input intercept point for third order modulation products (IIP3) of + 15dBm with internal attenuation of 0 dB
Compression point 1 dB to + 2dBm with internal attenuation of 0 dB
Power detector resolution of 0.5 dB and linearity with respect to frequency of +/- 1 dB
Power accuracy after calibration of +/- 1 dB
Lowest noticeable signal using 30 kHz resolution bandwidth at -102dBm
Phase noise of -90 dB / Hz at 100 kHz offset and -115 dB/Hz at 1 MHz offset

High input spectrum analyzer mode (SMA 2)

240 MHz to 960 MHz input frequency range
Dynamic range / sensitivity of 50 dB
Input impedance depends on frequency, +/- 50 ohms
Absolute maximum input level without attenuation of + 10dBm
-5dBm input intercept point (IIP3) without internal attenuation
1 dB to -6 dBm compression point without internal attenuation
Manually selectable resolution filters of 3, 10, 30, 100, 300, 600 kHz. Automatic selection of one of 57 resolution filters
Optional 25dB to 40dB frequency dependent input attenuator

Low output RF signal generator mode (SMA 1)

100 kHz to 350 MHz output frequency range
Sinusoidal signal generator output with harmonics less than -40 dB of the fundamental
Selectable output level in 1 dB steps between -76dBm and -6dBm
Optional AM, narrow FM and wide FM modulation or slow sweep over a selectable frequency range
Optional output level sweep across the entire output level range

Low output signal generator mode (SMA 2)

240 MHz to 960 MHz output frequency range
Square wave signal generator output
Selectable output level in variable increments between -38dBm and + 13dBm
Optional narrow and wide FM modulation or slow sweep over a selectable frequency range

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