SDRPlay RSPdx 1KHz - 2GHz 14-bit LNA metal case

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SDRPlay RSPdx 1KHz - 2GHz 14-bit LNA metal case

The new SDRPlay RSPdx receiver is the replacement of the RSP2PRO, it covers from 1kHz to 2GHz (without hole) with 10MHz of the spectrum on the screen, 14-bit sampling, with TCXO 0.5PPM, notch filter MW / FM / DAB, rejector 88-108Mhz FM radio band, VLF / LF 500Khz filter, HDR mode, 24MHz clock function, 4.7V Bias-T power supply via SMA and metal case.

Equipped with a software-adjustable LNA premix, 12 band filters and 3 software switchable antenna connectors: 1 BNC and 2 in SMA.

Works with SDRuno software under Windows (free) which allows to display up to 16 simultaneous receivers.

Comes with: SDRPlay RSPdx metal case, delivered without USB power cable (available as an option).

Read below the recommendations for use, installation and support SDRplay.

Availability: Out of stock, available end february 2020


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    Specifications RSPdx SDRPlaY

    SDR reception: From 1kHz to 2 GHz, no gap
    Up to 10 Mhz bandwidth on the screen
    14-bit sampling
    HDR mode: Improved selectivity and performance below 2MHz
    SDR Uno Software Adjustable LNA Preamp
    Antenna connector: 2x SMA female (1kHz - 2GHz) and 1 BNC female connector (1kHz - 200MHz), software switchable
    Bias-T 4.7V (100mA) function on the SMA antenna connector (B)
    VLF / LF filter: Improved reception below 500Khz
    External clock connector: MCX female (24Mhz)
    Power supply: USB 2.0 Male A - Male B cable, printer cable type (cable not included)
    Consumption: Less than 200mA
    Available API mode
    Weight: 315g
    Dimensions: 113mm x 94mm x 35mm
    2 years warranty
    CE Standards

    The RSPdx is equipped with 12 band filters:

    Low pass


    High pass

    FM Notch Filter:
    > 30dB 77 to 115MHz
    > 50dB 85 to 107MHz
    > 4dB 144 to 148MHz

    MW Notch Filter:
    > 15dB 400 to 1650kHz
    > 30dB 500 to 1530kHz
    > 40dB 540 to 1490kHz

    Notch DAB filter:
    > 20dB 155 to 235MHz
    > 30dB 160 to 230MHz

    Installation SDRPlay online

    You will find an online tutorial for quick installation of the RSPdx:

    To download the latest SDRPlay drivers and software for Windows, Mac, Linux (Ubuntu & Debian):
    Recommendations for use and support

    1 - Do not connect the RSPdx directly to the same antenna as your transmitter, or to a transmitting antenna, nor transmit and transmit signals near the RSP, as this may result in irreversible and unsupported damage. by the guarantee.

    2 - The RSPdx, like any SDR receiver, is sensitive to electrostatic discharge that can damage the receiver if it is not protected or used properly. It is recommended to disconnect the antenna in stormy weather and to ground the antenna. Finally before reconnecting the coaxial cable after a thunderstorm, it is imperative to unload it (braid and core) by grounding it.

    In these 2 cases of loss of reception and RF damages, the guarantee can not be applied and the equipment will not be repaired, exchanged or refunded. The signs of RF damage are characterized by signs of hot on or around components near the signal input, a burning smell is also an indication of RF damage.

    For any support request, SDRPlay offers an online platform to directly contact the technical support team for our customers.

    For any support request, SDRPlay offers an online platform to get in touch directly with the technical support team for our customers : Request for official support SDRPlay.



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    SDRPlay RSPdx 1KHz - 2GHz 14-bit LNA metal case

    SDRPlay RSPdx 1KHz - 2GHz 14-bit LNA metal case

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    • Product: SDRPlay RSPdx 1KHz - 2GHz 14-bit LNA metal case
    • Manufacturer: SDRPlay
    • Price: 259,00 € VAT incl.
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