RSPduo: Dual SDR 1khz to 2Ghz 14-bit
SDRPlay RSPduo 1KHz to 2GHz Double Tuner 14 Bit

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SDRPlay RSPduo 1KHz to 2GHz Double Tuner 14 Bit

The new SDRPlay RSPduo is a 14-bit SDR dual receiver that covers from 1kHz to 2GHz (without hole), with dual-tuner (simultaneous reception on 2 different antennas).

The SDRDuo is equipped with a software-adjustable LNA, 11 band filters and 3 antenna connectors, 2 female SMA and 1 Hi-Z input to connect a HF wired antenna (0-30Mhz) with Notch filter and low pass 0-2Mhz, TCXO 0.5PPM, clock function and 4.7V Bias-T power supply via SMA.

The 2 SMA inputs now operate from 1 kHz (instead of 1.5Mhz) with 0-2 MHz low-pass filter to reduce spurious frequencies in LF and MW.

Works on Windows with SDRuno software (free) and on Linux with Gnu Radio Companion, GQRX and CubixSDR.

Delivered with: SDRPlay RSPduo metal case (delivered without USB power cable).

See below the recommendations for use, installation and support request SDRplay.

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Specifications RSPduo SDRPlay

Receive from 1kHz to 2GHz (no gap)
Up to 10 Mhz bandwidth in a single tuner
Up to 2Mhz bandwidth in dual tuner
Maximum 14-bit sampling
Software-Adjustable LNA Preamp by software SDRuno
Application development via API

USB 2.0 cable power supply Male A - Male B (cable not included)
Compatible with the software: SDR Uno under Windows

Single tuner: 185mA
Double tuner: 320mA

3 antenna connectors: 2x SMA female (software switchable) and 1 Hi-Z connector for wire antenna
Antenna connector A: 1kHz to 2GHz, 50Ω
Antenna connector B: 1kHz to 2GHz, 50 Ω, output 4.7V DC 100mA max. (Bias-T)
Hi-Z antenna connector: 1 kHz to 30 MHz, 1kΩ, Hi-Z plug-in connector (supplied)
Clock connector: 24Mhz (MCX female)

The 2 SMA antenna inputs now operate from 1 kHz (instead of 1.5Mhz).
The low-pass filter of 0-2 MHz on the two 50Ω inputs, makes it possible to reduce spurious frequencies in LF and MW.
The Hi-Z input of the RSPduo integrates a MW notch filter and a 0-2 MHz low-pass filter, to reduce the disturbances generated by the powerful MW and AM signals.

Weight: 315g
Size: 95mm x 80mm x 30mm
2 years warranty
CE and Rohs standards

Installation SDRUno

You will find a online tutorial for an easy and fast configuration of RSP DUO:

To download the latest drivers and SDRuno software for Windows:

Recommendations and support

1 - Do not connect the RSPDUO directly to the same antenna as your transmitter, or to an antenna in the near field of a transmitting antenna as this may cause irreversible damage.

2 - The RSPduo is sensitive to electrostatic discharge which can damage the receiver if not protected or used correctly. It is recommended to disconnect the antenna in case of severe weather and to ensure an earthing of the antenna. Before reconnecting the coaxial cable after a thunderstorm, it is imperative the unloader (braid and core) to the ground.

In these 2 cases of loss of reception and RF damage, the warranty will not apply and the equipment neither repaired, exchanged or refunded. The signs of RF damage are characterized by signs of hot on or around components near the signal input, a burning smell is also an indication of RF damage.

For any support request, SDRPlay offers an online platform to get in touch directly with the technical support team for our customers : Request for official support SDRPlay.

How to connect HI-Z with a coaxial cable

HI-Z with a twin-leed type G5RV

With long wire antenna and Balun 1:9



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Performances surprenante

Performances excellentes en décamétrique et VHF. Les 3 entrées antenne sont vraiment pratiques. Merci à l'équipe Passion Radio pour le suivi de commande et la livraison rapide !

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SDRPlay RSPduo 1KHz to 2GHz Double Tuner 14 Bit

SDRPlay RSPduo 1KHz to 2GHz Double Tuner 14 Bit

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