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Whistler WS1065 25-1300 Mhz Mobile Scanner
  • Whistler WS1065 25-1300 Mhz Mobile Scanner
  • Whistler WS1065 25-1300 Mhz Mobile Scanner



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Whistler WS1065 Mobile Scanner 25-1300 Mhz AM FM P25

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The Whistler WS1065 is a digital scanner-receiver for base station and mobile use.

It has 37000 memories, coverage of the following frequency bands: 25-54, 108-17, 137-174, 216-512, 764-776, 795-805, 849-869, 896-960 and 1240-1300 MHz and a PC interface, and is dashboard mountable.

Antenna connector on the back in BNC female, to connect an external or portable antenna choose in BNC male.

Supplied with: 1 Whistler WS1065 scanner, 1 antenna, 1 power adapter, EU and UK plug, 1 power cable, 1 programming cable, 1 DIN bracket, 1 user manual

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349,17 € tax excl.

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Manual WHISTLER WS1065 (FR)

Manual and user guide in french. 1.56M

Quick guide WS-1065 (FR)

In french. 396.84k

Data sheet

Frequency coverage is extensive, including: 25-54, 108-17, 137-174, 216-512, 764-776, 795-805, 849-869, 896-960 and 1240-1300 MHz.

1800 memories are available and can be dynamically structured to obtain the bank sizes you prefer. In addition, you can store 21 virtual scanners (a total of 37,800 objects).

The large backlit LCD display has four lines and 16 characters. The keys are also backlit. The following link systems are supported: Motorola Analog, EDACS, LTR and Digital APCO (9600 bps).

Features :

-Audible Alarms - Programmable audible alarms can be set to sound when certain scanable objects are active. Can be used in conjunction with, or separately from, the LED alert described above.

-Automatic Adaptive Digital Tracking - When monitoring P25 digital systems, the digital decoder instantly adapts to the digital modulation format of the transmitted signal, then analyses the signal more than 50 times per second and adapts to any subtle changes caused by multipath or fading. No tedious manual adjustments are required.

-Backlit LCD - Easy to read and program data, even in low light.

Data cloning - Allows programmed data to be transferred to another WS1010 scanner.

-CAG digital - Instantly compensates for low user audio levels common in digital systems.

-Flexible antenna with BNC connector - Allows reception of strong local signals. You can also connect an external antenna to improve reception of distant or weak signals.

-Free memory organisation - Allocates memory dynamically and efficiently according to need. This differs from low cost scanners and older scanners where memory was organised into rigid and expensive memory banks.

-PC Interface - Using a USB programming cable to scan in full duplex mode at 6 times the speed of previous scanner models for transfer to PC and 8 times the speed of previous models for radio to radio cloning. Special high speed USB programming cable to scanner included. Clone with another WS1040 scanner or with another WS1065 desktop/mobile scanner.

-Key Lock - Lock the scanner keys to prevent accidental changes to the scanner programming.

-Skipping function - Allows you to skip specific channels or frequencies when scanning or searching.

-LTR Home Repeater AutoMove - Makes it easy to program LTR systems when the order of home repeaters is unknown. Enter the LTR system frequencies in any order, and the WS-1040 will automatically move the frequencies to the appropriate home repeater locations as transmissions are received on the system.

-Memory Backup - Frequencies remain stored in memory for an extended period of time even without batteries.

Menu-driven programming with context-sensitive help - Each menu item has a few lines of help text that allow programming and operation of the scanner.

-Multi-System Trunking - Scans the most common signaling formats of trunked radio systems, including Motorola, EDACS, LTR and P25 trunked radio networks. Both talkgroup and individual call monitoring are supported.

Object Oriented User Interface - Exclusive to Whistler, common data entry, navigation and control method features are used for each scannable object. All are programmed and stored in the same way.

-P25 NAC Functionality - The P25 Network Access Code (NAC) is used to provide selective squelch operation on conventional digital channels. Your WS1040 will detect the NAC in use on a conventional digital P25 channel and allow you to program NAC codes to block transmissions that do not have a corresponding NAC, including analogue traffic on the same frequency.

-PC Programmable - allows users to save data, update the database and program the scanner directly from a PC. (BuTel ARC500, PSREdit500 or Win500 software required).

-Priority Channel - allows the scanner to check one channel every two seconds while scanning.

-Real Time Signal Strength Indicator - Displays the relative strength of received signals.

-SMART and All Hazards Weather Alert - Displays the weather event and issues an alert for a specific county or counties of your choice.

-Scan Delay - Delays scanning for two seconds before switching to another channel to hear responses.

-Scan List - Allows you to organise, group and scan objects according to your preference.

-Storm Spotter Feature - Provides instant access to frequencies used by Storm Spotter networks. Monitor storms as they occur and learn about hazardous conditions before the media or emergency management officials are able to announce them to the general public.

-Spectrum Scanning - Quickly scan the frequency ranges of the scanner for transmissions from nearby sources. Lock in the frequencies found and continue the search in the same band.

-Subaudible Squelch Decoder - CTCSS and DCS subaudible squelch coding is handled by the same powerful DSP chip used for P25 digital decoding. Provides fast and reliable decoding of the subaudible squelch signal with squelch tail elimination.

-Tune - Searches for new and unlisted frequencies from a specified frequency.

-Two power options - Power the scanner with the supplied AC or DC power cords.

-V-Scanner Technology - Allows complete radio configurations to be stored in the radio, to be recalled to the main memory when needed in the field. Twenty-one V-Scanner folders are provided, each capable of storing more than 1,800 objects. The total capacity of the main memory combined with the V-Scanners is over 37,800 objects.

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rating 2
Épuisant !
Notice d\'utilisation en français incompréhensible, programmation impossible si l\'utilisateur ne possède pas d\'ordinateur sur Windows , deux petits défauts assez exaspérant notamment sur le bouton volume qui est doublé par la commande de SQ . En effet après chaque mise sous tension la commande SQ bouge avec la commandes de volume en même temps. L’utilisateur et donc obligé de retoucher sans arrêt la commande de SQ pour la replacer dans une position initialement donner. De plus les petits boutons en caoutchouc sont beaucoup trop rapprochée et parfois ne fonctionne pas correctement, il est donc recommandé d\'utiliser un petit stylo pour écran tactile pour appuyer sur cette touche. Bref ce petit appareil n\'est pas du tout convivial d\'utilisation ; en revanche sa sensibilité et interessante ; mais bien moins sensible que le tout petit IC-R6 de chez Icom qui le surpasse largement en ces therme. Bref ce petit scanner de bureau ( et accessoirement pour voiture ) est très décevant de par son utilisation et ces performance globale. Je ne le recommanderais pas …..
rating 1
Attention Notice en Français incomprhenssible
Très franchement , j'ai eu des récepteurs de toute sorte , du plus petit comme le IC-R6 et IC-R20 comme des mastodontes Yeasu et Icom ( recepteur très large bande ) , mais celui si ces vraiment le pompon. Le plus gros problème de ce scanner et sa notice explicative incomprehenssible , car traduit avec des thermes qui ne sont pas propre a l'appareil ; au aurait dit que la traduction a été faite mot-mot. De plus cette appareille et conçu pour fonctionner avec des codes spécifique au USA , rien à voir avec chez nous en France ( urgence météo par exemple ) Je suis aller télécharger la notice sur le site passion radio. On dirait qu'il ce concentre sur la programmation et pas sur une utilisation simple et cohérente. Je n'ose même pas le sortir de sont carton des réceptions. S'il faut programmer et ce prendre la tête simplement pour que le RX scanne une fréquence de 127,000 à 129,000 alors que sa prend une seconde sur d'autre RX cela risque de faire tomber ce RX au oubliette très rapidement.
rating 5

Bonjour, dommage qu'il y est un trou dans les fréquences de 54MHz à 108 MHz. Sinon excellent matériel.

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