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LNA for ADS-B & SAW filter for 1090 Mhz

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This LNA and SAW filter for the 1090Mhz improves ADS-B reception performance and increases the number of messages and data received from aircraft.

This equipment combines 2 SAW filters and a LNA with a gain of 27 dB, with a noise factor of about 1 dB and an attenuation greater than 60 dB outside the 1090 MHz band.

It is designed to be powered by BIAS-T with for example the RTL-SDR V3 dongle. Requires a 3 to 5V power supply in bias-T. The RTL-SDR V3 dongle provides 4.5V and is ideally suited.

The LNA filter is electrostatic discharge (ESD) protected and should be placed as close as possible to the antenna, but the antenna should also be properly grounded to avoid ESD damage.

Delivered with: 1 RTL-SDR ADS-B LNA filter, 1 SMA male - SMA male adapter, 1 aluminum housing.

This material is currently not available and is replaced by this equipment: SAW filter ADSB 1090 Mhz.

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Trés bon produit
Très content de mon achat. Placé directement en entrée de ma clé sdr, je suis passé d'une couverture de 250km (avant) à 400km avec environ 10m de câble coaxial rg214.
La prochaine étape sera de placer ce filtre/pré-ampli au plus prêt de l'antenne .
attention à la consommation !
fonctionne parfaitement mais est gourmand en énergie, pour ma part nécessite l'utilisation du BIAS-T pour QO-100 ou LNA 30MHz à 4GHz F1OPA avec alimentation externe 5v 1A minimum



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