Nooelec USB stick with E4000 tuner 55-2300Mhz (TCXO option)

This Nooelec USB RTL-SDR stick is equipped with the Realtek chipset RTL2832U and E4000 tuner offering a wider frequency coverage than R820T2.

Associated with SDR software, this USB stick will become a broadband receiver-scanner fro 65-2300 MHz (approximately), with a gap around 1100 MHz to 1250 MHz.

An important advantage of the NeSDR XTR stick from Nooelec is its low power consumption for portable and embedded use with 170mA at 5V DC, about half of energy consumption of a conventional RTL-SDR.

Package includes: 1 Dongle SDR Nooelec NeSDR XTR (Also available with TCXO in option below), 1 telescopic mini antenna VHF-UHF magnetic mini-support, remote control, without CD.

Add the HF bands too: With the converter HF SDR Ham It Up, you can listen to frequencies from 0.5 to 50 MHz.

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    Difference between R820T2 and E4000

    The E4000 chip tuner has become ultra-rare, and the main difference between the two tuners is in the range of frequencies covered, the greater is the E4000 tuner which can range from 65 MHz up to 2300 MHz (the frequency range exact varies somewhat from one unit to another) and instead 24-1700Mhz with R820T2.

    However there is a receiving gap between 1100 and 1250Mhz with E4000 when the tuner R820T is without hole from 24 to 1700MHz.

    About E4000

    The manufacturer of integrated E4000 circuit, Elonics, went out of business a few years ago. In fact, the RTL-SDR Key Elonics E4000 have become very rare and hard to find.

    There are also many counterfeit versions announcing "E4000-upgrade RTL2832" but all offer actually an R820T or R820T2 chipset instead.

    On our side, we guarantee you a true E4000 tuner and while the last available stock in the world.

    Comparative E4000 vs R820T

    An excellent comparison of the E4000 vs the R820T tuner was directed by HB9AJG (available in the download section below). In summary, the E4000 excels at frequencies below 450 MHz, while the R820T better operates at 450MHz higher frequencies.

    Size of the case: 43mm (excluding male USB connector) x 20mm x 10mm. The antenna connector is MCX Female.



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    Nooelec USB stick with E4000 tuner 55-2300Mhz (TCXO option)

    Nooelec USB stick with E4000 tuner 55-2300Mhz (TCXO option)

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    • Product: Nooelec USB stick with E4000 tuner 55-2300Mhz (TCXO option)
    • SKU: NOO-100653-NESDR-E4000-360
    • Manufacturer: Nooelec
    • Price: 37,92
    • Availability:In stock, shipped from Europe

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