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Nooelec R820T2 SDR key + TCXO + SMA + Nooelec box NOOELEC-100701-NESDR2-421 SDR receivers View larger
Nooelec R820T2 SDR key + TCXO + SMA + Nooelec box NOOELEC-100701-NESDR2-421 SDR receivers


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Nooelec NESDR Smart V5 R820T2 SDR key + TCXO + Box + SMA antenna (optional)

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The key NESDR SMART v5 is the new and improved version of the famous USB RTL-SDR dongle with the RTL2832U chipset and the R820T2/R860tuner, to receive all frequencies without gaps from 100kHz to 1.75GHz with up to 3.2MHz instant bandwidth.

Improvements in the NESDR Smart 5 version:

  • TCXO 0.5ppm for improved stability and accuracy
  • RF voltage regulator and shielded inductor
  • Integratedradiator to cool the SDR key
  • SMA female antenna connector
  • Aluminium casing to protect the key from parasitic interference
  • R820T2/R860 tuner
  • Phase noise @1kHz offset: -138dBc/Hz (or better)
  • Phase noise @10kHz : -150dBc/Hz (or better)
  • Phase noise @100kHz : -152dBc/Hz (or better)

RF SNR is improved by up to 15dB, VHF & UHF SNR is improved by up to 6dB, tuning accuracy is improved by an average of 4x, and the frequency range is extended to 100kHz.

RF reception below 25MHz is direct sampling and requires a suitable antenna. We recommend using the Balun 1:9 (One Nine) to make a dipole antenna or a long wire.

We always recommend using a converter such as the upconverter HF SDR Nano Ham It Up for a more satisfying HF experience and even better performance for frequencies from 0.1 to 65MHz.

Optional: Antenna pack with magnetic base and 2m RG58 cable with male SMA connector and 1 telescopic 75-1000MHz variable-frequency lead, 1 433MHz antenna lead (ISM band) and 1 fixed antenna lead for UHF frequency (GSM).

Supplied with : 1 Nooelec NESDR Smart V5 SDR dongle, without antenna or CD. With optional antenna pack, to be chosen below.

Other similar model if out of stock: V3 dongle.

More details

43,12 € tax excl.

45,39 €

Out of stock, available in 2 to 3 weeks

  • With antenna
  • Without antenna


SDRsharp software v1430

SDR software for Windows, check update at 1.18M

Data sheet

The USB key NESDR SMART is equipped with a 0.5ppm TCXO, ensuring frequency stability whatever the environment and temperature. In the quest for the lowest possible frequency noise, the power supply has been redesigned with a high-quality RF voltage regulator with less than 10μVRMS noise, around 10 times lower than the standard RTL2832+R820T2.

The inductor in the power supply is shielded to block as much ambient interference and noise as possible. The case also provides additional protection against interference.

A suitable heat sink has been added to dissipate heat away from the printed circuit board.Power consumption has been reduced by an average of 10mA, which means less heat is generated. Lhe result is an operating temperature well below the usual level, with improved stability and sensitivity.

With a SDR software for Windows linux or Mac, associated to other third-party software for decoding, this dongle can be used, for example, to decode a video signal.

Can be used, for example, to receive AM, FM, short-wave, ham radio, CB, ACARS (air-to-ground communications), ADS-B (aircraft tracking), AIS (ship tracking), POCSAG (pagers), NOAA and GOES weather satellites (weather images), weather balloons, radiosondes, DAB radio, DVB-T video, Inmarsat, Iridium, and much more!

What are the key differences between v4 and v5?

  • The HF frequency bands (0.1 to 25 MHz) are now available natively by direct sampling (Q branch) without any hardware or software modifications.
  • The reception range has been extended to 100 kHz, so that the frequency coverage of the NESDR Smart V5 key now extends from 0.1 MHz to 1750 MHz
  • Improved SNR and noise floor at VHF and UHF
  • Reduced spurs and visible harmonics in the spectrum
  • Compared with RTL-SDR v3, HF SNR is improved by up to 15 dB, VHF & UHF SNR is improved by up to 6 dB and tuning accuracy is improved by an average of 4x.

How do I know if I have an SMArt v5?

The NESDR SMArt v5 was officially launched in 2022 and you may already have a V5 in your hands.

You can check that you have a v5 by looking at the underside of the SDR key and looking for the v5 logo. If you don't see a logo, you have a version between v1 and v4.

Additional or similar equipment

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  • RTL2832 USB key with R860 tuner (new version of the R820T2)

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  • Adapter SMA Male

    This RF adapter is fitted with a male SMA connector on both sides. It can be used to connect 2 SMA female cables or connectors, for example.

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  • HF Antenna Balun 1:9 for SDR

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  • Nooelec USB stick with E4000 tuner 55-2200Mhz with TCXO and MCX antenna

    This Nooelec USB RTL-SDR stick is equipped with the Realtek chipset RTL2832U and E4000 tuner offering a wider frequency coverage than R820T2.  Antenna connection in MCX female on the dongle.

    41,39 € tax incl.

    41,39 €tax excl.

    43,57 € -5%
    Out of stock, available in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Dongle V3 TCXO + SMA + Bias-T USB stick with R860 tuner

    This USB stick is the optimized V3 version of, with the R860 tuner chip (exactly the same as R820T2*) for reception from 24 to 1766 MHz. The characteristics of the dongle v3:-

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    35,55 €tax excl.

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  • Broadcast FM Band Cut filter by

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    19,40 €tax excl.

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  • Antenna 144/430Mhz DIAMOND X30 & X30N

    144/430 MHz dual band antenna Diamond X30 (SO239 female UHF connector) and X30N (female N-plug connector), with radians.Length: 1.3mLength of the radians: 19cmGain: 3.0dBi (144MHz) and 5.5dBi

    46,71 € tax incl.

    46,71 €tax excl.

    49,17 € -5%
    In stock
  • Telescopic dipole VHF-UHF antenna set for SDR

    VHF-UHF telescopic dipole antenna pack for SDR reception and with a flexible tripod and suction pad. This antenna set includes 1 dipole antenna support with 60cm of cable and with male SMA connector,

    7,92 € tax incl.

    7,92 €tax excl.

    8,33 € -5%
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  • DIAMOND X50 & X-50N Antenna 144/430Mhz

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    62,54 € tax incl.

    62,54 €tax excl.

    65,83 € -5%
    Out of stock, available in 2 to 3 months
  • Pack Start ADS-B 1090Mhz SDR portable reception

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    41,58 € tax incl.

    41,58 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available within 2-3 weeks
  • Nooelec Balun 1:9 V2 for HF SDR reception 0-30Mhz

    The new version Nooelec Balun 1:9 v2 allows to add a wired or dipole antenna type to listen HF bands from 0 to 30Mhz from the Ham It Up converter, an SDRPlay receiver or equivalent covering the HF

    19,23 € tax incl.

    19,23 €tax excl.

    20,24 € -5%
    In stock
  • Active Loop antenna MLA-30 Plus MegaLoop 500 Khz - 30 Mhz

    MLA-30 Plus magnetic loop active antenna for receiving HF bands from 500 kHz to 30 MHz.The MLA-30+ antenna can be used with the RTL-SDR V3 stick in direct conversion mode, with the Ham it up

    39,50 € tax incl.

    39,50 €tax excl.

    41,58 € -5%
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  • Super Discone Antenna 100-1500Mhz Diamond D-190 + cable

    Super Discone Diamond D-190 antenna, for fixed installation on a mast, allows to receive from 100 MHz to 1500 MHz and to transmit on 144/430/904 and 1200 MHz.Length: 0.84mWeight: 0.52 kgRadian

    78,38 € tax incl.

    78,38 €tax excl.

    82,50 € -5%
    In stock
  • Super Discone Antenna 50-1500Mhz Diamond D-150 + cable

    Super Discone Diamond D-150 antenna, for fixed installation on a mast, allows to receive from 50 MHz to 1500 MHz and to transmit on 50/144/430/904 and 1200 MHz.Length: 1.04mWeight: 0.62 kgRadian

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    98,17 €tax excl.

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  • Deluxe Plus Passion Radio SDR Pack V4 with TCXO

    The Passion Radio SDR Deluxe Plus V4 pack provides reception coverage between 0.5 to 1766 MHz from a computer running Windows, Mac or Linux.This V4 version of the pack includes:- 1 V3

    124,17 € tax incl.

    124,17 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available in 5-7 days
  • Nooelec VHF-UHF telescopic antenna kit for SDR

    Nooelec VHF-UHF antenna pack for SDR reception on VHF and UHF bands, supplied with a magnetic base, 2m RG58 coaxial cable with male SMA connector and 3 antenna strands to screw on the base:1

    13,38 € tax incl.

    13,38 €tax excl.

    14,08 € -5%
    In stock
  • Nooelec NESDR SMArTee v2 R820T2 dongle SDR + TCXO + Case + SMA + Bias-Tee

    The NESDR SMARTee v2 is the version with the Bias-Tee function in addition to the NESDR Smart V4, equipped with the RTL2832U chipset and the R820T2 tuner which can receive from 25 to 1750MHz (without

    44,69 € tax incl.

    44,69 €tax excl.

    47,04 € -5%
    Out of stock, available in 2 to 3 weeks
  • 40m to 10m HF wire antenna with 9:1 10W balun

    Balun portable 9:1 Antenna Balun SDR Receiver Accessory with 16.5m red wire and 10m blue wireSpecification:- Maximum power: 10W- Red wire: 16.5m- Blue wire: 10m- Weight: 335gIncluded in the package:-

    22,90 € tax incl.

    22,90 €tax excl.

    24,10 € -5%
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  • 7 mm ferrite for balun and interference suppression

    7mm Black Ferrite Choke Balun for EMC Demagnetization Filter Anti-interference Device Clip-on VersionDescription:- It can filter high frequency noise, pulse interference from connection circuits.-

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  • V4 TCXO USB key + SMA + Bias-T + R828D tuner 500kHz - 1766MHz

    The V4 USB SDR key incorporates the R828D tuner (instead of the R860 in V3) for reception from 500kHz to 1766 MHz.TCXO at 1 PPM (greater frequency stability and accuracy) Female SMA

    32,38 € tax incl.

    32,38 €tax excl.

    34,08 € -5%
    In stock
  • Ham It Up Plus V2 Nooelec UpConverter SDR HF 0.3 to 65MHz with TCXO & box

    RF converter (ULF/VLF/LF/MF/HF) for HF frequencies from 0.3 to 65 MHz and SDR (Software Defined Radio) devices such as NESDR keys, RTL-SDR, HackRF, or any VHF or SDR receiver covering the 125MHz to

    78,38 € tax incl.

    78,38 €tax excl.

    82,50 € -5%
    Out of stock, available in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Balun One Nine v2 HF 9:1 Nooelec with aluminium housing

    Small 9:1 balun/unun (38 mm x 25.0 mm) designed to connect long wires and HF dipole antennas to your SDR HF radio, radio or Ham It Up HF upconverter. Assembled in a bespoke aluminium housing, it

    25,65 € tax incl.

    25,65 €tax excl.

    27,00 € -5%
    Out of stock, available in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Ham It Up Nano 100kHz-65MHz HF Upconverter with TCXO Bias-Tee power supply unit

    The Ham It Up Nano is an HF upconverter that lets you extend the range of your favourite SDR or radio to at least 100kHz. It is compatible with any radio capable of operating on 125MHz-190MHz (to use

    63,23 € tax incl.

    63,23 €tax excl.

    66,56 € -5%
    Out of stock, available in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Downconverter 1.55 GHz to 3.1 GHz Nooelec Ham It Down with TCXO Bias-Tee

    The Ham It Down is a downconverter capable of converting radio signals from 1.55 GHz to 3.1 GHz in the 50 MHz - 1.6 GHz frequency range and supported by SDR keys such as NESDR and RTL-SDR V3. It

    101,69 € tax incl.

    101,69 €tax excl.

    107,04 € -5%
    Out of stock, available in 2 to 3 weeks


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rating 4
Bon matériel

Il faut cependant une bonne antenne bien dégagée quand il n'est pas possible d'en installer je pense que l'antenne télescopique intérieure n'est pas suffisante quand on est situé en campagne .

rating 5
très bon produit

Le ppm testé avec kalibrate-rtl est conforme à la description. Plus cher mais bien plus précis que tous les modèles vendus aux alentours de 20€ dans d'autres boutiques.

rating 5
Produit impeccable

Super produit alliant compacité et capacités. Répond tout à fait à ce que j'attendais.

rating 4
Bonne réception dans l'ensemble mes chauffe énormément dommage

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