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Nooelec LaNA LNA preamp 20MHz - 4GHz + case + USB DC Bias-T Nooelec SDR accessory NOO-BOITIER-LANA-100812-908 View larger


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Nooelec LaNA LNA preamp 20MHz - 4GHz + case + USB DC Bias-T

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Nooelec's LANA is a high-gain, 20 MHz - 4 GHz wide band LNA amplifier for SDR applications, with low power consumption and better linearity than the SPF5189Z LNA.

The LaNa has 3 different power options, but you can only use one option at a time.

The recommended power supply is with Bias-Tee via the SMA connector for SDR receivers with integrated power supply of 3V to 5VDC and 50 to 80mA minimum. Damage resulting from overvoltages is not covered by the 2-year warranty.

The LaNa LNA can also be powered from the micro-USB connector or directly from the PCB.

LaNA has an internal EMI shield to protect circuits against interference and protection against electrostatic discharge.

Delivered with: 1 LaNa Nooelec original warranty.

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Data sheet

LNA Nooelec LaNA Specifications

Frequency: 20 MHz to 4 Ghz
Gainmaximum: +20 dB at 1000 MHz
Noise factor: ~ 0.9 dB
Power supply: 3.3 - 5V via Bias-Tee
Consumption: 50-80 mA
Case: Aluminum
Antenna input (to antenna): SMA female
Antenna output (to the receiver or SDR): SMA female
Weight: 52g
Dimensions: 80 x 30 x 20 mm
2 years warranty*

* The warranty does not cover damage that may result from an assembly error, transmission in or nearby (TX), short-circuit of the power supply or the coaxial line and damage related to electrostatic discharges or inversion of polarity.


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rating 5
Très bon prix, livraison très rapide
rating 5
fonctionne bien.
rating 5
excellent produit avec plge alimentation parfaite derrière une clé Sdr ou un RspDx, à partir de 3,3v, idéal pas besoin de bias-T

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