EDUP EP-AB003 amplifier 2400Mhz 8W for QO100

RF Amplifier EDUP EP-AB003 2400 MHz (8W) for QO100

EDUP EP-AB003 amplifier for the amateur radio band 2400Mhz (13cm), this 2.4Ghz amp of 8W theoretical, is able to deliver an effective power of 4W with an input of 100mW maximum.

This equipment can be used with the following SDR hardware: LimeSDR mini, HackRF One, Adalm-Pluto.

It is compatible for use in 2.4Ghz transmission on the QO-100 amateur radio satellite.

Comes with: 1 EDUP EP-AB003 2.4Ghz RF Amplifier, 1 power charger 220V, 1 cable SMA Male - SMA Male, 1 WIFI antenna 6dBi in RP-SMA.

This material is reserved for amateur radio use only and on amateur satellite band from 2400 to 2050Mhz.

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48,33 €

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Specifications EDUP EP-AB003 2400Mhz amplifier

Frequency range: 2400 - 2500 MHz
Max. Input power : 100mW
Max. Output power : Theoretical 8W - 4W maximum according to use
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connector: SMA Female (TX side) and RP-SMA (RX side antenna)
Operating mode: bidirectional, half duplex, automatic switching via carrier detection
Frequency response: ± 1dB
Input power: 5 to 20 dBm
Optimum input power recommended: 15-16dBm
Gain transmission: 17 dBm nominal
Gain reception: 11dBm
Operating temperature: -40 to 70 degrees
Operating humidity: Relative humidity up to 95%
Aluminum case
Weight: 650g
Size: 8x8x2.5cm

To read on the site of M1GEO, a modifications that can be made to this material for satellite QO-100.

This material is intended only for amateur radio use on the 13cm band, 2400-2450Mhz.

The guarantee does not cover the errors of assembly or use as well as the minimum and maximum powers not respected.


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RF Amplifier EDUP EP-AB003 2400 MHz (8W) for QO100

RF Amplifier EDUP EP-AB003 2400 MHz (8W) for QO100

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