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Nooelec VHF-UHF telescopic antenna kit for SDR

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Nooelec VHF-UHF antenna pack for SDR reception on VHF and UHF bands, supplied with a magnetic base, 2m RG58 coaxial cable with male SMA connector and 3 antenna strands to screw on the base:

1 telescopic VHF-UHF variable frequency lead
1 fixed frequency antenna wire 433MHz (ISM band)
1 fixed frequency UHF antenna (GSM)

The Nooelec antenna pack is compatible with the V3 key, the NESDR Smart Nooelec dongle and any RF device with a female SMA connector, and for short distance or laboratory reception needs.

Available in pack with the NESDR Nooelec key below.

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Conforme à la description, le matériel est de bonne facture et semble solide
rating 5
N\'apporte rien de plus

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