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Selection of antenna analyzer, VNA vector network and Chinese NanoVNA equipment.

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  • 65,00 € In stock

    Reference: NANOVNA-H-918

    NanoVNA-H Vector Network Analyzer antenna VNA HF VHF UHF

    The NanoVNA is a low-cost and high-performance vector network analyzer (VNA) that covers HF, VHF and UHF bands from 50 KHz to 300 MHz and from 50 KHz to 900 MHz with extended firmware. It can measure

    65,00 €
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    Reference: NANOVNA-PCB-946

    RF demo / test kit for NanoVNA vector analyzer antenna

    This RF NanoVNA demo kit consists of a PCB which allows you to test or demonstrate the 18 RF functions or components listed below.This RF test card is recommended for demo and use with VNA antenna

    39,00 €
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    Reference: MINIVNA-PRO2-366

    miniVNA PRO² Analyzer Bluetooth 0.1 - 230 Mhz

    The mini-VNA Pro² BT is a portable VNA antenna and network analyzer that covers from 0.1 to 230Mhz, it has a 1000mAh internal Li-ion battery and a new Bluetooth interface to let use the mini-VNA Pro

    459,00 €
  • 31,90 € In stock

    Reference: CROWD-LABRADOR-678

    EspoTek Labrador

    The EspoTek Labrador is a USB-connected mini electronic lab portable that includes an oscilloscope, signal generator, power supply, logic analyzer and multimeter. Oscilloscope (2 channels,

    31,90 €
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    Reference: MINIVNA1-TINY-365

    miniVNA Tiny 1-3000 MHz Analyzer & RF Generator

    Frequency range 1-3000 MHz, 2 ports VNA with S11 and S21, RF Generator with output power of -6dBm @ 500 MHz, Low power consumption, 370mA @ 5 V, SMA connectors, boot loader for future firmware

    499,00 €
  • 109,00 € Out of stock

    Reference: PANDWARF-459

    PandwaRF portable analyzer-copier-repeater 300-928Mhz

    PandwaRF is a portable RF analyzer with battery and Bluetooth, it is a wireless transceiver for frequencies from 300 to 928Mhz and modulation modes ASK / OOK / MSK / 2-FSK / GFSK, in half-duplex

    109,00 €
  • 185,00 € Out of stock, backorder available 5-7 days

    Reference: NANOVNA-F-945

    NanoVNA-F pack VNA antenna analyzer 50KHz-1000MHz

    The NanoVNA-F is the improved version of the eponym open-source antenna and vector network analyzer (VNA) which covers HF, VHF and UHF bands from 50 KHz to 1000 MHz.This new version of the NanoVNA has

    185,00 €
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