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Passion SDR Pack V2

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New version of Passion Radio SDR pack with RTL2832U and new R820T2 tuner and new Ham It Up v1.3 that offers better sensitivity and selectivity.

The pack Passion Radio SDR transforms a computer, PC or Mac, Raspberry Pi, Arduino in RDS radio receiver, ie a broadband scanner for receiving all HF radio, VHF and UHF for less than 90 €!

It allows to receive radio frequencies from 0.5 to 1766 MHz (without holes) in all AM, FM modes, SSB, CW and digital (RTTY, PSK, SSTV, ADS-B, ACARS, DMR, DAB etc.) through the use of a SDR software for Windows, Mac or Linux (often free).

Also available in Deluxe Passion SDR pack with case proctection for the converter Ham it up and broadband mobile telescopic antenna with SMA connector and adjustable 180°.

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  • Ham it Up 1.3 & 1.3+ Converter HF 0.5-50Mhz Nooelec Nooelec SDR receivers NOOELEC-100555-HAM-IT-UP-44
    48,00 € Out of stock, available soon 5-7 days

    Reference: NOOELEC-100555-HAM-IT-UP-44

    1 x Ham it Up 1.3 & 1.3+ Converter HF 0.5-50Mhz Nooelec TCXO-Without TCXO

    Nooelec's Ham It Up v1.3 is an up-converter HF, equipped with the 125Mhz filter soldered on the PCB and allows to listen to all MF / HF bands from 0.5 to 50 Mhz, in all modes of modulation, from a

    48,00 €
    Online only
  • Pigtail MCX Male to SMA Male Passion Radio RF Cables & Adapters PIGTAIL-MCX-M-SMA-M-52
    5,90 € In stock

    Reference: PIGTAIL-MCX-M-SMA-M-52

    1 x Pigtail MCX Male to SMA Male

    MCX Male to SMA Male RF Adapter. The MCX connector is compatible with the USB Dongle DVB-T RTL2832 +R820T & R820T2.RG 316 coaxial cable 50 ohms, about 15cm long.

    5,90 €
  • SMA Male UHF Female Adapter (SO-239) Passion Radio RF Cables & Adapters ADAPT-SMA-M-UHF-F-67
    5,50 € In stock

    Reference: ADAPT-SMA-M-UHF-F-67

    1 x SMA Male UHF Female Adapter (SO-239)

    SMA Male UHF Female (SO-239) Adapter.

    5,50 €
  • RTL-SDR USB stick with R820T2 Passion Radio SDR receivers DONGLE-TNT2-SEUL-248
    18,90 € Out of stock, available in 5-7 days

    Reference: DONGLE-TNT2-SEUL-248

    1 x RTL-SDR USB stick with R820T2

    This RTL-SDR USB stick features the Realtek RTL2832U chipset and the new R820T2 tuner specifically designed for use in SDR mode.The new R820T2 tuner offers better sensitivity (+ 2dB to 5dB) and a low

    18,90 €
    Online only
  • USB 2.0 Quality Printer cable / Ham it Up / SDRPlay Vention USB CABLE-VENTION-VASA16-USB1-850
    5,25 € 7,50 € -30% In stock

    Reference: CABLE-VENTION-VASA16-USB1-850

    1 x USB 2.0 Quality Printer cable / Ham it Up / SDRPlay Length-1.5m

    Hi-Quality USB 2.0 Vention print cable Male A - Male B, high-speed and ferrite cable for protection against interference and interference.This cable is used to power a printer or scanner, as well as

    5,25 € 7,50 € -30%
    Reduced price!

More info

This SDR pack includes:

- 1 USB DVB-T RTL-SDR stick (RTL2832U + R820T2 new release)
- 1 converter Ham it Up v1.3 (new release) to add the HF bands from 0.5 to 50Mhz
- 1 cable USB 2.0 male A-B 1.4 meters to power the converter Ham it up
- 1 pigtail MCX male SMA male to connect the USB key to the converter SDR HF Ham it up
- 1 adapter SMA male - female to UHF, N Female or BNC Female (to choose from when adding to cart) to connect an antenna to the converter
-  1 mini magnetic VHF/UHF antenna with MCX connector for the RTL-SDR USB stick.

Video tutoriel config Ham it up & RTL-SDR R820T2


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Notice du Pack Radio SDR (FR)

Download (3.61M)

Manuel et guide en français d'installation et configuration du converter HF et du pack Radio SDR

Zadig 2.5 Windows drivers

Download (4.91M)

RTL-SDR drivers for Windows 7, 8, 10

Drivers Zadig 2.2 XP

Download (5.07M)

Drivers RTL-SDR for Windows XP

SDRsharp software v1430

Download (1.18M)

SDR software for Windows, check update at


  • Pigtail SMA Male - SMA Male 15/50/100cm

    Pigtail RF adapter SMA Male to SMA Male to connect for example a converter Ham it up to a HackRF One, or SDRPlay, and any device with a SMA female connector. Coaxial cable RG 316 50 ohms. Available

    5,00 €
    In stock
  • Diamond antenna SRH-789 SMA-M 95-1100Mz + TX 144/430Mhz

    Dual band directional antenna Original Diamond SRH-789 with SMA Male connector, for receiving and transmitting on VHF-UHF bands (144/430 MHz) and reception on aviation bands 120/150/300/450/800 MHz

    29,90 €
    In stock
  • Deluxe SDR Passion Pack V3

    The new Deluxe Passion Radio SDR V3 pack include: - 1 USB TNT SDR stick new release (RTL2832U + tuner R820T2) - 1 converter HF SDR Ham it Up 1.3 (new release) - 1 USB cable male A-B 2.0 of 1.5 meters

    119,95 €
    Out of stock, available in 5-7 days
  • USB VFO jog Shuttle Xpress Contour Design for SDR

    Allows to control by USB the change of frequencies of an SDR software and to get a classic operation of a VFO on a radio hardware SDR!Fully configurable with the supplied software, Shuttle Xpress is

    53,00 €
    In stock
  • Aluminium case for Nooelec Ham It Up HF converter

    Provides an effective protection against impact and parasites for your converter HF SDR Ham It Up and also gives it a nice looking. The enclosure is made of aluminum and laser engraved, with 2

    25,90 €
    Out of stock, available soon
  • RSP1A SDRPlay receiver 1 kHz to 2 GHz 14-bit + LNA

    New version of the SDRPlay wideband receiver, the RSP1A now covers all frequencies from 1 kHz to 2 GHz without hole, all modes, with up to 10 MHz bandwidth on the screen and 14-bit sampling. In

    129,00 €
    In stock
  • Broadcast FM Band Cut filter by

    This band-cut filter is design by, it blocks and reject broadcast FM band between 88 to 108 MHz with over 50dB of attenuation. Insertion loss is less than 0.5 dB between 0-1 GHz, and less

    19,90 €
    In stock
  • Pack Start ADS-B 1090Mhz SDR portable reception

    The Start ADS-B pack allows you to have a portable station for receiving ADS-B messages from aircraft and to follow their movements on a map in real time, via a Windows or Linux computer.Included in

    44,90 €
    Out of stock, available within 2-3 weeks
  • Active Loop antenna MLA-30 Plus MegaLoop 500 Khz - 30 Mhz

    MLA-30 Plus magnetic loop active antenna for receiving HF bands from 500 kHz to 30 MHz.The MLA-30+ antenna can be used with the RTL-SDR V3 stick in direct conversion mode, with the Ham it up

    56,90 €
    In stock
  • Deluxe Plus Passion Radio SDR Pack V4 with TCXO

    The Passion Radio SDR Deluxe Plus V4 pack provides reception coverage between 0.5 to 1766 MHz from a computer running Windows, Mac or Linux.This V4 version of the pack includes:- 1 V3

    139,95 €
    Out of stock, available in 5-7 days

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