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NanoVNA-H & H4 Vector Network Analyzer VNA 50Khz to 1500 Mhz

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The NanoVNA-H and H4 is a low-cost and high-performance antenna and vector network (VNA) analyzer that covers the HF, VHF frequency bands from 50 KHz to 300 MHz with a sensitivity of 70dB, the UHF band from 300 MHz to 900 MHz with a sensitivity of 60dB and 900 to 1500Mhz with a sensitivity of 40dB.

This VNA is the latest official 3.4 Hugen version, it has a TFT touch screen available in 2 sizes 2.8 "(7.1cm) and 4" (10.1cm), power supply by USB-C cable (supplied) or internal battery included 650mAh or 1950mAh (H4).

Update via firmware to add new features. The installed firmware makes it possible to measure the performance of an antenna.

Supplied with: 1 NanoVNA-H or Nanovna-H4, with calibration kit, 1 50Ω SMA dummy load, 1 SMA open circuit, 1 SMA short circuit, 1 USB Type-C power cable, 2 SMA Male RG316 15cm cables, 1 SMA female - SMA female adapter. Manual to download below.

This equipment is no longer available.

It has been replaced by the Nanovna-F model for frequencies from 50kHz to 1500MHz, and the Nano-VNA-F V2 for frequencies from 50kHz to 3000MHz.

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54,17 € tax excl.

This material is no longer available

  • 2.8" (7,11cm)
  • 4" (10.16cm)


Manual NanoVNA (FR)

In french by YouenBzh sur Youtube. 754.68k

Manual NanoVNA (EN)

USer guide and manual of NanoVNA in english. 544.84k

NanoVNA guide to start (EN)

Guide v1.6 to configuring and using a NanoVNA, in English by Martin Svaco, 9A2JK. 3.59M

Data sheet

NanoVNA H & H4 datasheet

Frequency range: 10KHz to 1500MHz
Measuring range: 70dB (50KHz-300MHz), 60dB (300-900MHz), 40dB (900-1500MHz)
RF output power: 0dbm (+/- 2dbm)
Frequency accuracy: <0.5ppm
Display: 2.8 inch (7.1cm) 320 * 240 TFT or 4 inch (10.1cm) TFT (320 x 480)
Case : Plastic
USB interface: USB type-C
Power supply: USB 5V 120mA
Battery included: 650mAh (H version) or 1950mAh (H4 version)
Dimensions: 85.5 x 54 x 11mm (H version) or 133 x 75 x 18mm (H4 version)
2 years warranty

The latest versions of firmware, drivers and updated documentation can be downloaded from this Google Drive as well as from Github and Github2.

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rating 5
Bien reçu et fonctionne parfaitement. Merci.
rating 5
nanovna h

l'appareil fonctionne parfaitement, j'ai l'air très satisfait, je recommande!

rating 5
Un Bijou ...
Livré avec le dernier firmware; monte de 50KHZ à 1,5GHZ sans aucune intervention. Livré avec batterie incluse. N'est pas plug and play, il suffit de télécharger le driver pour Windows sur le site indiqué (utilisation sur PC avec nanovna saver). Satisfaction totale.

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