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SDRPlay RSP2 PRO 1KHz to 2GHz + LNA + case

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The SDRPlay RSP2 PRO receiver covers from 1kHz to 2 GHz (without gap). With metal case, TCXO 0.5PPM, MW/FM notch filter and 88-108Mhz FM radio rejection, 24MHz clock function and 4.7V Bias-T power supply via SMA.

Also equipped with a software-adjustable LNA preamp, 10 band filters and 3 antenna connectors, 2 of which are female SMA and a Z connector to connect a wire antenna for HF bands (0-30Mhz).

Combined with the SDRuno, the SDRPlay RSP2PRO becomes a powerful SDR receiver, capable of monitoring up to 10MHz spectrum on screen, with 12-bit sampling and up to 16 receivers simultaneously!

Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 with SDRUno, HDSDR and SDR Console, Mac / Linux (Ubuntu & Debian) with CubicSDR software.

Comes with: SDRPlay RSP2PRO in metal case, without power cable (optional below a USB printer cable can be used).

Production of RSP2 and RSP2PRO ceased in October 2019 and replaced by RSPdx.

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Specifications SDRPlay RSP2 PRO

Reception from 1kHz to 2 GHz
Up to 10 Mhz on-screen bandwidth
12-bit sampling
Adjustable LNA preamplifier with SDRUno software
Antenna connector: 2x female SMA (switchable by software) and 1 connector Z for wired antenna
Features antenna connector A: 1.5 MHz to 2GHz, 40 dB gain adjustable, impedance 50 Ω, SMA female connector
Features antenna connector B: 1.5 MHz to 2GHz, 40 dB adjustable gain, 50 Ω impedance, SMA female connector, 4.7V DC selectable output (Bias-T)
Features antenna connector Z: 1 kHz to 30 MHz, adjustable gain of 18 dB, impedance 1kΩ, plug-in connector (supplied)
Clock Connector: 24Mhz (MCX female)
USB 2.0 cable male A - Male B (cable not included)
Compatible with SDR software: SDR Uno, HDSDR and SDR Console for Windows, and CubicSDR for MAc and Linux
2 years warranty
CE Standards

RSP2 PRO is equipped with 10 band filters:

Low pass

12 - 30MHz
30 - 60MHz
60 - 120MHz
120 - 250MHz
250 - 420MHz
420 - 1000MHz

High pass

Notch (band rejector)
FM Radio
> 60dB from 80 to 100MHz

Short wave radio (MW)
> 30dB from 680 to 1550kHz

Installation SDRPlay

You will find a online tutorial for an easy and fast configuration of RSP2PRO:

To download the latest drivers and software for Windows, Mac, Linux (Ubuntu & Debian):

Recommendations and support

1 - Do not connect the RSP1A directly to the same antenna as your transmitter, or to an antenna in the near field of a transmitting antenna as this may cause irreversible damage.

2 - The RSP1A is sensitive to electrostatic discharge which can damage the receiver if not protected or used correctly. It is recommended to disconnect the antenna in case of severe weather and to ensure an earthing of the antenna. Before reconnecting the coaxial cable after a thunderstorm, it is imperative the unloader (braid and core) to the ground.

In these 2 cases of loss of reception and RF damage, the warranty will not apply and the equipment neither repaired, exchanged or refunded. The signs of RF damage are characterized by signs of hot on or around components near the signal input, a burning smell is also an indication of RF damage.

For any support request, SDRPlay offers an online platform to get in touch directly with the technical support team for our customers : Request for official support SDRPlay.

How to connect HI-Z with a coaxial cable

HI-Z with a twin-leed type G5RV

With long wire antenna and Balun 1:9


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Le RSP-2 est un excellent récepteur. Son entrée haute impédance est un atout pour la réception des ondes courtes. Avec un long fil de 20M directement connecté au récepteur j'ai capté ce soir même radio Free asia en modulation d'amplitude depuis l'émetteur de Tinian island à... 12070 Kms de chez moi. Je vous laisse juge.
rsp2 pro
très bon service , j'ai commandé le rsp2 et comme j'ai attendu longtemps par apport a l'attente , ils m'ont offert le rsp pro métallique . plus qu'a attendre et de l'essayer j’espère pas être déçu par la réception
Matériel commande le lundi 03/04/2017 à 12h00
- SDRPlay RSP2
- Molette VFO Shuttle express
- Pigtail SMA/UHF
- Pigtail SMA/BNC
Préparation de la commande le mardi 04/04/2017 à 07h10
Livraison chez moi (département 91), par DHL, le mercredi 05/04/2017 à 11h00.
- Colis en parfait état
- Après déballage, matériel en parfait état
- Livreur DHL sympa.
- Le job est fait.

Il ne me reste plus qu'a démarrer l'ensemble.

Performances excellentes
Performances excellentes en décamétrique et VHF.
Les 3 entrées antenne sont vraiment pratiques.
Et merci à l'équipe Passion Radio pour l'amabilité, le suivi de commande et la livraison rapide !


SDRUno 1.4 software Windows

Download (37.93M)

SDRuno v1.4 for Windows, check last update at

Guide RSP2 PRO

Download (289.8k)

Quick starting guide for SDRPlay RSP2 PRO

Diagram RSP2

Download (737.77k)

Conceptual Block Diagram sdrplay RSP2

QST RSP2 review

Download (2.34M)

Review of SDRPlay RSP2 in QST Magazine

Guide Hi-Z antenna for HF

Download (586.86k)

Connect HF antenna using Hi-Z port for RSP2

CookBook SDRuno 1.4 (EN)

Download (7.93M)

SDRuno Software User Guide by Paul NN4F and Mike KD2KOG v1.4

Manual SDRuno 1.4 (FR)

Download (8.02M)

Manual SDRuno 1.4 in French (translation by Claude de F0ELA).

Plugin SDRuno Shuttle

Download (479.51k)

Plugin for SDRuno software and support for USB Shuttle Xpress and PRO V2


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  • SDRPlay RSPdx 1KHz - 2GHz 14-bit LNA metal case & 3 antenna ports

    The new SDRPlay RSPdx receiver is the replacement of the RSP2PRO, it covers from 1kHz to 2GHz (without hole) with 10MHz of the spectrum on the screen, 14-bit sampling, with TCXO 0.5PPM, notch filter

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    The Passion Radio SDR Deluxe Plus V4 pack provides reception coverage between 0.5 to 1766 MHz from a computer running Windows, Mac or Linux.This V4 version of the pack includes:- 1 V3

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