Amateur antennas

Antenna selection for amateur radio equipment: Portable, mobile and fixed.

For amateur frequency bands in HF from 0 to 30Mhz, VHF (50 and 144Mhz), UHF (430Mhz) SHF (1200, 2400Mhz and 10Ghz).

Our amateur radio antenna brands: Diamond Antenna, Nagoya, Sirio and Comet,


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  • 16,90 € In stock

    Reference: ABBREE-ANT-88CM-917

    VHF-UHF Abbree Tactical Foldable Antenna for Baofeng Anytone Yaesu

    This foldable tactical antenna for VHF 144Mhz and UHF 430Mhz bands is available with a female SMA or SMA male connector and in 4 different sizes: 33cm, 48cm, 88cm and 108cm.Military antenna type, it

    16,90 €
  • 22,90 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-SRH77CA-MALE-964

    Antenna Diamond SRH77CA for Yaesu + VHF Marine

    Increase performance of Dualband Yaesu and any other handheld with SMA female antenna connector or wideband scanner, with the antenna Diamond SRH77CA for 2m/70cm (144/430mhz), 39cm long, and receiving

    22,90 €
  • 14,50 € In stock

    Reference: NAGOYA-NA-771-FEMELLE-457

    Antenna Nagoya NA-771 2m/70cm SMA Female or SMA Male

    This Nagoya for walkie-talkie antenna with SMA Male connector allows to increase performance on the 144 and 430MHz bands with 39cm long and equipped with SMA female connector. SMA Female antenna is

    14,50 €
  • 15,90 € In stock

    Reference: NAGOYA-NA-24J-FEMELLE-458

    Antenna Nagoya NA-24J 2m/70cm SMA-F for Baofeng

    Nagoya's new 144/430Mhz antenna model for VHF-UHF dual-band radio walkie talkie 2m/70cm. The Nagoya NA-24J is designed for 144 and 430Mhz bands and is 39.2cm long. With female SMA connector for

    15,90 €
  • 25,90 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-SRJ77CA-122

    Antenna Diamond SRJ77CA for Baofeng + VHF Marine

    Increase hightly performance of Dualband Baofeng or wideband scanner, with the antenna Diamond SRJ77CA for 2m/70cm (144/430mhz), 39cm long, and receiving from 120 to 900 MHz. Work also for VHF marine

    25,90 €
  • 19,90 € In stock

    Reference: ANTENNE-NAGOYA-UT72-SMA-F-4742

    Magnetic Nagoya antenna 144/430Mhz 53cm for handheld

    This dual-band 144/430Mhz magnetic antenna measures 53cm (with magnetic base) and can be used with a walkie-talkie or mobile unit. Also works in reception from 100Mhz to 180Mhz and 400 to 500Mhz

    19,90 €
  • 4,90 € In stock

    Reference: NAGOYA-AT805-MALE-409

    Mini-Antenna SMA Male or Female for DVMega BlueDV DV4mini

    Mini antenna 5cm long for 144Mhz & 430MHz with a gain of 0dBi, SMA male or female connector, suitable for DV Mega, pack BlueDV and DV4mini.Frequency: 145Mhz +/- 2Mhz and 435MHz +/- 5MHzConnector:

    4,90 €
  • 42,90 € In stock

    Reference: QO100-ANT-POTY-762

    POTY dual band feed antenna 2.4 Ghz & 10 Ghz for QO100

    The POTY / Patch of the Year is a 2.4/10 Ghz dual-band patch antenna, circular polarized 2400 MHz TX and linear horn antenna 10500 MHz RX with dielectric lens (new cylindrical version for offset dish

    42,90 €
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  • 35,90 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-MR75SJ-FEMELLE-363

    Magnetic SMA antenna 144/430Mhz Diamond MR75SJ

    High performance dual band antenna with 2.15dbi gain in VHF and 3.4dbi in UHF, with mini-magnetic base and tilt angle adjustable + coaxial cable of 3 meters with SMA female or male connector. This

    35,90 €
  • 27,90 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-BU55-538

    Balun 1:1 HF+6M from 3 to 75Mhz Diamond BU55

    Genuine Diamond BU55 balun 1:1, operates from 3 to 75Mhz, allows to receive and transmit on HF bands + 6 meters (50Mhz).Technical data sheet of the HF BU55 balun:● Operating frequency from 3 to 75MHz●

    27,90 €
  • 9,90 € In stock

    Reference: NAGOYA-NA810-7CM-440

    Antenna 144/430Mhz Nagoya NA-810 SMA

    Antenna Nagoya NA-810 7.5cm long, dual-band 144Mhz & 430MHz with a gain of 0dBi, SMA male connector, and 150/300/450/800/900 MHz receive onlyFrequency RX & TX: 144Mhz and 430MHzReceive only

    9,90 €
  • 5,00 € In stock

    Reference: QO100-LENTILLE-POTY-927

    Lens for POTY dual band feed antenna

    New version of the lens for the POTY antenna and 10 Ghz receiving of the QO-100 satellite with f/D 0.6 offset dish.Amateur radio design: PE1CKKDelivered with: 1 dielectric lens (new cylindrical

    5,00 €
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  • 89,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-K9000-129

    Diamond K9000 Motor drive mount antenna with remote

    Diamond K9000 is a motorized mount antenna with remote control system and ability to adjust angle from 0 to 90 degrees in for 4 seconds! Designed to raise and lower HF/VHF/UHF mobile antennas that do

    89,00 €
  • 15,90 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-SRH701-112

    Antenna SMA-M 2m/70cm + scanner 118-900Mz Yaesu TYT Wouxun

    Dual-band antenna diamond SRH701 for transmitting and receiving on 144/430MHz (2m/70cm), and receiving only for 120/150/300/450/900MHz bands for Yaesu, TYT (Tytera) and Wouxun handheld and

    15,90 €
  • 135,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-A1430S7-398

    Yagi directional antenna 144/430 MHz 7.5 / 9.3 dBi

    This dual band directional antenna, Diamond A1430S7 is designed for amateur radio VHF and UHF bands (2m and 70cm) , with a gain of 7.5 dBi at 144 MHz and 9.3 dBi in 430 Mhz. The directional antenna

    135,00 €
  • 115,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-D220R-120

    Diamond D200R Discone mobile Antenna 100Mhz to 1.6Ghz

    Antenna discone mobile Diamond D220-R, receiving from 100Mhz to 1600MHz and 144/430/904/1200MHz for transmitting. Type:1/2 wave (144MHz),5/8 wave (430MHz)Length:70cmWeight:360g Gain:2.15dBi

    115,00 €
  • 16,90 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-SRH771-127

    Antenna HT Diamond SRH-771 2m/70cm SMA-M for Yaesu Wouxun ICOM

    Dual band antenna 2m / 70cm, original Diamond SRH771 with SMA Male connector, compatible with the walkie-talkie dual band Yaesu, Wouxun and ICOM. This antenna is compatible with all VHF / UHF

    16,90 €
  • 19,50 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-RH789-155

    Antenna BNC telescopic 95-1100Mhz DIAMOND-RH789

    Telescopic wide-band antenna Diamond RH789, to receive and transmit from 95 to 1100 MHz. Length:80.5 cm (full length),19.5cm (retracted) 6 stages Weight: 35g Gain: 2.15dBiMax.power rating: 10W

    19,50 €
  • 29,95 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-MAT50-625

    Ground plane for magnetic mount + HF antenna

    To use an HF antenna below 50Mhz band, a ground plane are required. This is not always possible or easy especially for antennas with magnetic base or for installations on a balcony. Diamond MAT-50

    29,95 €
  • 45,00 € In stock

    Reference: NAGOYA-BA-6150-484

    Base Antenna 2m/70cm 1,2m Nagoya BA 6150

    Base antenna for fixed use on a mat, dual-band fiberglass antenna, Nagoya BA-6150, for amateur radio band 144 (2m) / 430Mhz (70cm). Can also operate in reception only, from 100 to 200Mhz and 400 to

    45,00 €
  • 107,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-SG7900-693

    Diamond Antenna SG7900 for car 2m/70cm high gain

    Antenna Diamond SG7900 for car, high gain dual-band 144/430MHz (2m/70cm) and radialless. Type:7/8 wave C-Load radialless in 144MHz, 2x 5/8 C-Load radialless in 430MHzLength: 1.58mWeight: 600gGain:

    107,00 €
  • 95,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-X300-V1-UHF-955

    Antenna DIAMOND X300 VHF UHF 144/430Mhz

    Diamond X300 antenna for fixed use on VHF UHF bands of 144/430 MHz with SO239 connector (female UHF) or N female to choose, and with 3 radians.Antenna type: 2x 5/8 wave (144MHz) and 5x 5/8 wave

    95,00 €
  • 65,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-MGC50-144

    Window through SO-239 cable set Diamond MGC50

    Diamond MGC50 is a window through SO-239 cable set. Length:50cm (Between connectors)Weight:102g Freq.: 0 to 1500MHz

    65,00 €
  • 59,00 € In stock

    Reference: CRT-G5RV-DEMI-406

    G5RV wire antenna HF multiband

    Invented by G5RV amateur, R. Louis VARNEY published for the first time the technical documentation of its antenna in November 1966. The G5RV wire antenna have 2 versions: 1/2 half size, about 16

    59,00 €
  • 19,90 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-SRH805S-265

    Mini SMA Male antenna 144/430/1200Mhz

    This mini antenna is the original version of the Diamond AZ506FXH a tri-band antenna for RX and TX on 144 / 430MHz / 1200MHz (2m / 70cm / 23cm) equipped with SMA male connector. This antenna allows

    19,90 €
  • 79,00 € In stock, shipped form Europe

    Reference: CRT-SIRIO-SD-3000N-445

    Discone antenna 300-3000 Mhz SIRIO SD 3000 N

    Discone Antenna SIRIO SD 3000 N, broadband covering all frequencies in RX from 300 to 3000 MHz and in TX fro amateur bands 70cm, 23cm, with N female connector. Compact size of 72,5cm of height and

    79,00 €
  • 19,90 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-RH771-108

    Diamond Antenna BNC 2m/70cm + scanner

    Antenna dual-band RH771, for receiving and transmitting on 144/430MHz (2m/70cm), and receiving for 120/150/300/450/800/900MHz (RX only).

    19,90 €
  • 49,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-X30-516

    Antenna 144/430Mhz DIAMOND X30 & X30N

    144/430 MHz dual band antenna Diamond X30 (SO239 female UHF connector) and X30N (female N-plug connector), with radians.Length: 1.3mLength of the radians: 19cmGain: 3.0dBi (144MHz) and 5.5dBi

    49,00 €
  • 44,90 € In stock

    Reference: CRT-SIRIO-HP-2070-541

    Car antenna Sirio HP-2070/R VHF-UHF

    Screw whip antenna with PL259 for car of SIRIO HP-2070 and 2070R, for the band VHF and UHF in emission and reception:Sirio HP-2070 version (44.5cm length): Frequency VHF 141-149Mhz and UHF from 422 to

    44,90 €
  • 69,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-HF40FXW-608

    Mobile Antenna HF 7Mhz (40m) Diamond HF40FXW

    Antenna 100% genuine: Diamond HF40FXW for mobile and 7Mhz amateur radio single-band (40m) with adjustable whip for the SWR. Antenna type: Whip 1/4λ (quarter wave)Frequency band: 7Mhz (40

    69,00 €
  • 45,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-BC202-537

    Fixe antenna Diamond 430-490Mhz 6dB

    Antenna fixed genuine Diamond BC202, operates from 430 to 490Mhz (to trim) and about 1.15m. Frequency: adjustable from 430-490 MHz Type: 2x 5/8 waves with ground plane Length: 1.15m Weight: 750g

    45,00 €
  • 45,90 € In stock

    Reference: CRT-SIRIO-ANT-HP-7000C-540

    Mobile antenna Sirio HP 7000C 430-440Mhz 5dB

    High-gain omnidirectional UHF single-band mobile antenna, Sirio HP 7000 C is suitable for mounting on magnetic media. adjustable by cutting.Protection against static discharges90° tilting and

    45,90 €
  • 44,90 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-AZ506FX-SOUPLE-124

    Car antenna 144-430Mhz AZ506 Diamond Slim Gainer

    High quality screw whip antenna with PL259 for car, from Diamond Antennas & Slim Gainer and amateur radio bands 144/430MHz (2m/70cm).This antenna measures 67cm and exists in 2 versions of

    44,90 €
  • 215,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-RHM10-126

    Wide Band Portable Mobile Antenna 7-430Mhz RHM10

    Telescopic and multi-band antenna 7-430 MHz Diamond Antenna RHM10 for mobile. Adjustable sliding tube at the base. Bands: 7 to 430MHzMax Power Rating: 130w (SSB)Height: 50cm (retracted) 1.77m

    215,00 €
  • 259,00 € In stock

    Reference: YAESU-FC50-479

    Yaesu FC-50 Automatic Antenna Tuner for FT-891

    This Yaesu FC-50 automatic antenna tuner is specially designed for the FT-891 and for indoors, deskop or mobile used.The FC-50 automatic tuner antenna operates from 1.8-29Mhz and 50-54 MHz with a

    259,00 €
  • 345,00 € In stock

    Reference: YAESU-ATAS-120A-482

    Multi-Band Motorized Antenna 7 to 430Mhz Yaesu ATAS-120

    Multi-band motorized mobile antenna for 7-50Mhz HF bands and VHF 144 and UHF 430Mhz bands, only for Yaesu FT-857, FT-857, FT-450D, FT-450AT, FT-450AT, FT-991, FT- 450, FT-100D, FT-100, FT-891, FT-897

    345,00 €
  • 73,00 € In stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-HF80FX-610

    Mobile Antenna HF 3.5Mhz (80m) Diamond HF80FX

    Antenna 100% genuine: Diamond HF80FX for mobile and 3.5Mhz amateur radio single-band (80m) with adjustable whip for the SWR. Antenna type: Whip 1 / 4λ (quarter wave)Frequency band: 3.5Mhz (80

    73,00 €
  • 129,00 € Out of stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-RHM8B-694

    Wide Band Portable Mobile Antenna 7-50Mhz Diamond RHM8

    Telescopic and multi-band antenna 7 to 50 MHz Diamond Antenna RHM8 for mobile and handheld in BNC. Bands: 7 to 50MHzMax Power Rating: 120w (SSB)Height: 50cm (retracted) 1.78m (full)Weight:

    129,00 €
  • 99,00 € Out of stock, available soon

    Reference: CRT-SIRIO-SD-1300N-695

    Discone antenna 25-1300 Mhz SIRIO SD 1300 N

    Discone antenna SIRIO SD 1300 N, wide-bande in reception from 25 to 1300 Mhz and the radio amateur bands in emission on 50Mhz, 144Mhz, 430Mhz and 1200Mhz with female connector and a size of 1,6m.-

    99,00 €
  • 95,00 € Out of stock, available in 1-2 weeks

    Reference: QO100-ANT-DJ7GP-825

    2.4 & 10 GHz Dual feed Antenna for Es'hail 2 / QO100

    LHCP circular polarized 2.4 / 10 Ghz antenna for 2400 MHz transmission and 10500 MHz reception for Es'hail 2 / QO100 satellite. The 10Ghz reception with this DJ7GP model antenna requires the use of a

    95,00 €
    Online only
  • 159,00 € In Stock

    Reference: DIAMOND-W8010-113

    Long Wire HF 5 bands 80-10m DIAMOND W8010

    Diamond W8010 is a efficient long wire dipole antenna for 5 HF bands: 80m/40m/20m/15m and 10m.       W8010 specificationsBand frequency: 3.5/7/14/21/28MHzLength:19.2mWeight:2.5kg Max.power:1.2kW

    159,00 €
  • 69,00 € Out of stock, available in 10-15 days

    Reference: DIAMOND-X50-SO239-819

    DIAMOND X50 Antenna 144/430Mhz

    Dual-band Diamond antenna X50 144/430MHz (2m/70cm). Type:6/8 wave (144MHz), 3x 5/8 wave C-Load radialless (430MHz)Length: 1.7mWeight: 0.9kg Gain: 4.5dB (144MHz), 7.2dBi (430MHz) Max.power:

    69,00 €
  • 125,00 € Out of stock, available in 2 weeks

    Reference: QO100-ANT-DJ7GP-LNB-891

    DuoBand-Feed 2.4 & 10 GHz Antenna with LNB for QO-100

    This version of DJ7GP's 2.4 / 10 Ghz dual band antenna is ready for use in RX and TX LHCP Circular Polarized for 2400 MHz and 10500 MHz reception for Oscar-100 satellite via LNB head climb.The antenna

    125,00 €
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